TVF Tripling season 2 – the madness continues

Our favourite trio – Chandan, Chitwan, and Chanchal – are back with a bang and even more craziness than the last season. If you’ve missed the savoury adventures of these dysfunctional triplets then season 2 will properly satiate you while also simultaneously whetting your appetite for more.

This season, like the previous one, is brimming with wacky misadventures and misfortunes that continue to haunt the trio. But this time the much-awaited road-trip comes with a twist. It’s still an impromptu and unplanned road-trip but no longer do our favourite siblings wander around purposelessly without a goal or directions. Chanchal’s husband Pranav is missing and it’s a road-trip meant to find him by following the snippets and clues that he left behind but this one is bound to be a bumpy ride since three troublemakers are involved.

Plot Summary:-

Episode 1: ‘Mada Faka’

The story begins sometime after the end of the main plot from season 1 and oh has time flown. Chandan wrote a book on their misadventures from season 1 aptly titled ‘Tripling’ and is now a bestselling author. His super-hit book is being turned into a movie with Chitwan’s character hogging all the limelight – and for good reasons to be assured. Chandan is busy meddling with the production of the film which is at a precarious situation due to the unrest of Rajathanis who deem the book and the movie obscene in its portrayal of their Prince Pranav’s supposed impotency and have raised arms in rebellion.

Chitwan, on the other hand, is now a step-father to his newfound lawyer love, Sheetal. The reunion of Chitwan and Chandan is ludicrous and is heavy with nostalgia through past events that hover over the scene like déjà vu moments. Chandan tempts Chitwan into joining him for a road trip to Jaipur for the Jaipur Literary Festival where Chandan and consequently Chitwan are kidnapped from a panel discussion by Rajput extremists. They’re knocked out and come to their senses only to find themselves stuck on a Ferris wheel which is a cause of mortification for Chandan but excitement for Chitwan. But who is behind this kidnapping? The brothers are taken aback when they find out that their sister is behind it all and she looks pissed.

Episode 2: ‘Phir Se Tripling’

Chandan and Chitwan are dragged to Chanchal’s palace where Chandan find out that his dear sister is suing him for defamation. After the usual sibling banter, Chanchal tells them that Pranav is missing after an innocent tweet made by Chitwan exclaiming “brother-in-law is impotent!” goes viral and he has to give up his position in the elections which Chanchal later wins thanks to sympathy votes.

Meanwhile, the cunning Nirmala is doing her best to frame Chanchal for killing Pranav with half-assed pieces of evidence and diabolic plots. After a deteriorated body is discovered, the trio run from the cops, media, and the enraged public and hit the road for another unplanned road trip to find Pranav.

Episode 3: ‘Kabootar Ja Ja Ja’

The trio finds their way to Pranav’s beloved mentor, Prince Alexander, who is a bit kooky ad eccentric but a lovable old guy living in a huge mansion with his young and beautiful bride, Zainab. The peculiar residents of the household each have their charm. Chitwan and Chandan strike up a camaraderie with Chilla, the house-servant and Zainab, while Chanchal tackles the Prince in hopes of extracting any information about Pranav.

After a tense dinner, Chitwan in his high-drunk state declares that Pranav is in Kolkatta with solid evidence so that the trio once again plan their escape when they get to know of the cops’ arrival at the mansion.

Chandan, it seems, has a knight-in-shining-armour complex and assumes that Zainab is unhappy with the Prince and smitten by her beauty and intellect tries to ‘free’ her by taking her along with him. But he is handed bitter disappointment and some important life lessons.

The three once again drive off with uncertainty and some shred of hope.

Episode 4: ‘Bandhu Re’

While sipping tea near the Hooghly Bridge after failed attempts at finding Pranav, the trio encounter a private investigator who helps them locate Pranav while Chitwan gets drunk in the back and has vivid dreams about his school days when he planted a bomb in his Principal’s office because he made Chanchal shift seats for his own kid.

The dream soon morphs into what seems to be an acid-tripping vision where Sheetal takes the place of the Principal and spouts crude words against Chitwan. When he sobers up, Chitwan gets a video call from Sheetal to calm down his son. Chandan and Chanchal watch awe-struck as they see this loving, fatherly side of their exasperating younger brother.

Episode 5: ‘Rasta Jaahan Le Chale’

Following the meagre hints, the trio finds their way to North-East Indian in search of a monastery where Pranav has apparently gone to become a monk.

However, when Chanchal finds Pranav, all shaved-up and accessorized, he refuses to go back with her. Meanwhile, Nirmala enters with a group of cops and denies that the monk is Pranav which surprisingly Pranav in his newfound faux-enlightenment accepts as well. But just before the three siblings are hauled off by the cops, Chanchal lets drop the game-changer that she’s pregnant.

The series thus once again ends with a happy ending and a lighthearted banter among the siblings during an interview after the release of the movie where the shatter the myth of siblings who get along with each other.

Cast and Crew

Sumeet Vyas, the poster child of Indian web series, plays the role of Chandan who is the financially well-off, responsible, and serious elder brother. The character becomes him as he ardently manages to display all the intricacies of his character and brings out the exasperation that comes with being the eldest and the most mature of your siblings.

Maanvi Gagroo plays the role of Chanchal, the enigmatic and bold sister who doesn’t take crap from anyone and is very vocal about her opinions. Gagroo also nails the role with her honest portrayal of the middle child who is sandwiched between two aggravating brothers who are polar opposites of each other.

Amol Parashar is perhaps the most beloved actor in the show with his enthusiastic characterization of Chitwan as the happy-go-lucky and impulsive free spirit that he is. Despite being broke and living in the fringes of society as a sub-par (or should we say genius) DJ, Chitwan remains a burning flame with his vigour that is only natural with being the youngest of the lot.

The series is directed by Rajesh Krishnan and Sameer Saxena. The plot is the brainchild of Akarsh Khurana, Sameer Saxena, and Sumeet Vyas himself who pour all their wit and sarcasm into the dialogues.

The supporting cast includes Kunaal Roy Kapur, Nidhi Bisht, Kumud Mishra, Kubbra Sait, Shernaz Patel, Kallirroi Tziafeta, among many others who enliven the plot.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you enjoyed the first season of TVF’s Tripling, then you will enjoy this as well. Even more so because this season further explores the dysfunctional yet loving relationship between the three siblings with a tear-jerking flashback to their childhood days. The siblings fight, don’t stay in contact for long spans of time, and have many difference of opinions and personality between them but all of them share a bond of love that always takes prime place in their lives, no matter what. They love each other and vow to support each other in times of crisis and come to each other’s aid.

The series once again takes us through the misadventures of this chaotic family with a grander production scale than before. As Zainab said, you too will be taken along with the trio on a road trip from the confines of your own four walls. The plot is just as gripping as before and doesn’t lack sass and spice.

Chitwan’s character is perhaps the highlight of the show as his goofy personality is magnetic and charming. His character growth from season one is a tremendous sight as he oscillates between the idiotic drugee that we love to the tender and caring father which we haven’t seen him as before.

Definitely worth watching!

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  • I was waiting for your review on Tripling 2, esp after reading season 1 review. The craze about the series is real. Amol Parashar took the limelight for me, he’s too good

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