TVF Tripling Season 1 – Road Trip With Siblings?

Of all the people that you could go on a road trip with, your siblings will be the last people to come to your mind. Chances are that your siblings are the most devious and mischievous people in your life, and as much as you loathe them, there is nothing that can ever stop you from loving them despite all their vices and follies. TVF’s Tripling will take you down memory lane if you’re an adult, back to the good days that you spent with your sibling(s), creating chaos and getting in trouble. But TVF mixes this nostalgia with the present state of the siblings whose collective journeys in their lives bring them together once again.

Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal take us along with them for a road trip worth remembering as they reunite after several years and take some breathing space for themselves by letting go of their worries and responsibilities for a time, even though their impromptu road trip is no smooth ride. The plot revolves around this terrific trio and their emotional baggage that lies heavily on their shoulders during the whole series.

The tale begins when Chandan returns from the U.S. after divorcing his wife who had been cheating on him. He finds his way to Chitvan who is busy doing a DJ gig in a pub. After bemoaning his divorced, homeless, and jobless state in an alcohol-induced verbal diarrhoea, Chandan wakes up in a haggardly inside the back seat of a car, hung over and dishevelled. It turns out that Chitvan is headed towards Jodhpur to dump the responsibility of his divorcee brother in the hands of their sister Chanchal. When they reach there, they find themselves amidst a celebration for their sister’s pregnancy, which is later revealed by Chanchal to be a lie to ward off incessant questioning.

After a heated argument breaks out between Chanchal and her husband regarding her brothers, Chanchal storms off with her brothers and hops into the car that is headed to nowhere. The trio hence finds themselves lost in the middle of a desert on an unplanned road trip which is only the beginning of their troubles as they find themselves conned, robbed, and pushed behind bars through one misadventure after another.


Episode 1: ‘Toh Chalein…?’

The episode begins with the two brothers Chandan and Chitvan having a sibling’s tussle in the most classic way possible which involves lots of stone-throwing, hair pulling, and arm biting. With their sister enjoying the sight of their “pansy fight”, the trio find themselves left stranded without a vehicle as someone, whose identity is revealed later, runs off with their car.

This episode traces the genesis of the road trip as Chitvan settles on hauling off his brother to their sister’s place, after debating what to do with his drunk and passed out brother. The duo finds their way to their sister’s ‘palace’ in Jodhpur and find themselves amidst celebrations of Chanchal’s fake pregnancy.

Episode 2: ‘Ab Kidhar…?’

The episode sketches the tumultuous beginning of the unplanned road-trip which comes to life thanks to a lover’s spat over a multitude of things, with the highlight being the dispute over whether Chandan and Chitvan should be allowed a night stay at their married sister’s place.

After a hands-on fight between Chandan, Chitvan, Chanchal, and Pranav, over trivial matters blown to giant proportions, the brothers leave the place accompanied by their frustrated sister and what marks the beginning of a hilarious unsolicited adventure.

Episode 3: ‘Right, left ya seedha…?’

The perils of driving off on an unplanned road-trip to nowhere include getting lost in a desert in the middle of the night with not a soul or signal in sight.

Dejected, the trio cools off their heads with a tete-a-tete over a smouldering bonfire as they share their dirty secrets and hit a melancholic note sharing their sorrows that brings them closer together. But the journey has just begun and they face their biggest misadventure when their car is stolen by three Israeli beauties who dupe them and sneak off when the brothers are involved in their iconic tussle with their sister finding entertainment off of it.

Episode 4: ‘Aage Tiraaha Hai…’

The triplings, sans Tiago, hire a batmobile and travel in style in search for their stolen car and find their way to Polo Marco’s dwelling where their misfortunes continue as Chandan is forced to give up his wallet in the face of the con-man Polo Marco’s ripped bodyguards.

But after a tongue lashing from both his siblings, Chandan goes back to deal with Polo Marco in a classic mock-heroic style. The passionate fight that ensues with all parties involved is a sight to behold but ends up with the trifecta getting duped once again, this time behind the bars of a jail cell.

They are bailed out by their brother-in-law Pranav and are informed of their sister who has left alone to Manali, to their parents’ house. The three lads pursue her in their separate ways.

Episode 5: ‘Pahunch Gaye Kya…?’

In this conclusion to this epic web series, the tripling finds their way to the same destination through winding different paths; home.

All of them get high on drugged brownies, courtesy of their mom, and play ‘pitthu’ a.k.a. SPL along with a bunch of foreign tourists, one of whom catches Chandan’s eye. The episode ends on a happy note as all of them, including the adrift couple, reconcile in the safety and calmness of home with the triplings’ parents who have some precious bits of advice and guidance for all of them. If you stay till the end credits then there’s a special cliffhanger too.

Cast and Crew

Sumeet Vyas, the poster child of Indian web series, plays the role of Chandan who is the financially well-off, responsible, and serious elder brother. The character becomes him as he ardently manages to display all the intricacies of his character and brings out the exasperation that comes with being the eldest and the most mature of your siblings.

Maanvi Gagroo plays the role of Chanchal, the enigmatic and bold sister who doesn’t take crap from anyone and is very vocal about her opinions. Gagroo also nails the role with her honest portrayal of the middle child who is sandwiched between two aggravating brothers who are polar opposites of each other.

Amol Parashar is perhaps the most beloved actor in the show with his enthusiastic characterization of Chitwan as the happy-go-lucky and impulsive free spirit that he is. Despite being broke and living in the fringes of society as a sub-par (or should we say genius) DJ, Chitwan remains a burning flame with his vigour that is only natural with being the youngest of the lot.

The series is directed by Rajesh Krishnan and Sameer Saxena. The plot is the brainchild of Akarsh Khurana, Sameer Saxena, and Sumeet Vyas himself who pour all their wit and sarcasm into the dialogues.

The supporting cast includes Kunaal Roy Kapur, Nidhi Bisht, Kumud Mishra, Kubbra Sait, Shernaz Patel, Kallirroi Tziafeta, among many others who enliven the plot.

Is It Worth Watching?

TVF’s Tripling is not only entertaining but also carries with it plenty of worthwhile messages about the importance of family as the two brothers time and again exclaim that family is the only one who comes to aid during moments of crisis. Despite being dysfunctional and vastly different from each other, all of the siblings share an innate bond that stands the test of time and proves their love for each other time after time.

Sure they fight, get into arguments, and create trouble for each other, but all of it is punctuated by their unconditional love for each other. Chitwan’s “Baba, you’re beautiful” is just one instance which gives words to their admiration for each other.

Tripling is a must-watch mini web series that is the perfect balance of sibling chaos and endearment. It gives an honest portrayal of the dynamics of familial bonds and proves its strength in the face of troubles. There’s no lack of tear-jerking moments and laughter-inducing moments either.

There’s even a season two of the show which further explores the story of this peppery family and takes their relationship to new heights. Definitely one series that you should not pass up on.

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  • For the web series like Tripling, I have to say “Nostalgic”. Chitwan’s character is my personal favourite. The music is soothing perfectly fits with the scenes. One of the best web series made on siblings. The series completely focuses on the relationship between the shiblings which I liked the most it’s rare to have a series like this.

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