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Jitendra Kumar, better known as Jeetu, is an Indian Film and Television personality who first rose to fame through his performance in The Viral Fever’s YouTube web series ‘Pitchers’. He has played numerous memorable roles in TVF’s web series and comedy sketches such as Jeetu, Munna Jazbaati, and Arjun Kejriwal, a parody of the Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal.

Brief Bio

Jitendra Kumar was born in Khairthal, a town in Rajasthan, where he grew up mimicking Bollywood actors. In childhood playfulness, Kumar would copy Bollywood A-listers like Amitabh Bachchan and try to get as close to their body language as possible. He had a talent for mimicry since childhood as he was able to copy the inflections in language and the accents of the people he mimicked with precision, but the idea of becoming an actor never struck his mind even in his wildest dreams.

Kumar prepared for IIT JEE from Kota. He was set on the path to becoming an engineer so he graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a glowing degree in civil engineering but this is the place where he first came face-to-face with the possibility of a career in acting. After many exhortations from his seniors, Kumar finally agreed to perform an ad-lib English elocution act which first sparked his interest in acting and theatre.


Jitendra Kumar put up an impressive performance of Al Pacino’s dialogues from ‘The Scent of a Woman’, despite struggling with English speech as he had studied from a Hindi medium school. His seniors were thoroughly impressed by his outstanding performance and introduced him to the Hindi drama society of his college. This is where Kumar met the future creative director of TVF, Biswapati Sarkar, who helped start Kumar’s career by introducing him to the team at TVF. Kumar and Sarkar have a spirited junior-senior relationship that is still bound by the threads of friendship from their IIT days.

After multiple attempts at an engineering job, Kumar stepped into TVF. At TVF, Kumar was given the option to indulge in acting for a while and if it struck his fancy then he could continue working for them. The spark of acting, once lit, could not be doused by Kumar so he changed his mind about engineering and decided to shift his eggs to another basket which, as time has proved, did not go in vain. His parents, like any other Indian parents, had their doubts and concerns which were later quelled by Kumar’s growing popularity.

His acting has been critically acclaimed since his earliest performances and even now his talent invites commendations. He became an instant favourite among his fans who have nothing but high praises for his acting skills and his humble personality.

Kumar’s laudable work with TVF paved the way for a prosperous career in both the big screen and the small screen. He has made appearances in a number of films such as ‘Shuruaat Ka Interval’ and ‘A Wednesday’.

Body of Work

Kumar has around fifteen credits in filmography on IMDB as of now but it is no doubt more than that. He has worked in a multitude of sketches, web series, and movies, which are a testament to his skills and popularity.

Kumar made his big-screen debut with a small role of a taxi driver in the Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher starrer ‘A Wednesday’ (2008). He also played the role of Laxman in ‘Shuruaat Ka Interval’ (2014) alongside actors Jim Sarbh and Sayani Gupta.

Kumar had his first taste of internet fame with his role as Pathik a.k.a. Gittu in TVF’s mega-hit web series ‘Permanent Roommates’ (2014). He appeared in the episode ‘The Bridegroom’ in season one of the series.

Jitendra Kumar took on another persona, Arjun Kejriwal, in another superhit TVF comedy production ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’. Kumar’s parody of the notorious Indian politician and the Delhi CM in ‘Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party: Arnub Qtiyapa’ (2014) has gathered more than 7.5 million views as of now. Kumar won the appraisal of the Delhi CM with his mimicry when Kejriwal himself was invited by TVF for an episode of the show.

TVF’s ‘Pitchers’ which was released in 2015 is the web series with which Kumar’s internet fame exploded overnight. His outstanding performance in the show gathered much praise. ‘Pitchers’ follows the story of four buddies, Jitu (Jitendra), Yogi, Naveen, and Mandal, who leave their jobs to begin a start-up company.

In 2015, Kumar appeared in a short video titled ‘Rajasthani Cowboys’. Kumar also played a part in TVF’s TV mini-series ‘F.A.T.H.E.R.S.’ in 2017. He acted as Girish Goyal in TVF’s mini web series ‘Bisht, Please!’ (2017) in the episode ‘Bisht Dhoondhe Easy Life’.

Kumar was also a part of TVF’s ‘Bachelors’ from 2017 to 2018 where he played the role of Bahubully a.k.a. Jeetu a.k.a. Bachelor 1. Other notable of works of Kumar include the character of the Drama teacher Pradeep Kumar in TVF’s latest web series ‘ImMATURE’ (2019), the actor in TVF’s ‘Tripling’ (2019), and Jitu Bhaiya in ‘Kota Factory’ (2019).

Jitendra Kumar recently also appeared in a comedy-drama movie ‘Gone Kesh’ (2019) which is about a girl whose life changes after she is diagnosed with Alopecia and starts losing her hair.

Kumar is also set to play the lead role in an upcoming Bollywood film ‘Chaman Bahar’ where he plays the role of Billu, a paan shop owner. The story revolves around Billu, who falls in love with a school girl who lives opposite to his paan shop. Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann is directing the movie which is yet to be released.

Kumar has also been a part of many of TVF’s comedy sketches such as ‘Truth or Dare with College Crush’, ‘Celebrities in College – Arvind Kejriwal’, ‘An Unnamed Medical Report’, ‘Munna Jazbaati: The Qtiya Intern’, ‘Ek Thi Behen: Rakhi Qtiyapa’, ‘Truth Or Dare With Dad’, ‘ Har Ek Friend Zaruri Nahi Hota Hai’, and ‘Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa’ among many others. He also made an appearance in The Screen Patti’s ‘When You Date a UPSC Aspirant’ and RVCJ Movies’ ‘When You Date a Baniya’.


Jitendra Kumar is known for his humble and down-to-earth personality with fans recounting stories of their pleasant encounters with the star.

Kumar has always been skilled in Hindi elocution and has won numerous awards and prizes in it.

He struggled with English during his college days as he had completed his schooling from a Hindi medium school.

Besides acting, Kumar also enjoys painting and singing.

His favourite actor is Govinda whereas his favourite actress is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

His favourite colour is red and he loves dogs.

His favourite destination is Goa.

His favourite filmmaker is Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

He had initially refused to give the audition to join the Drama club of his college due to nervousness but later changed his mind after he saw his friend auditioning as well.

He loves eating Aalu Ka Parantha (Potato stuffed chappati).

Kumar had applied for NSD (National School of Drama) in Mumbai but his application was rejected.

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