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Jasmeet Singh Bhatia is one of the most popular actors that rose to fame with the rise of digital India. He is best known for his comedy sketches with The Viral Fever, The Screen Patti, Girliyapa, and The Timeliners.

TSP’s comedy series ‘Jizzy-Veerji Show’ is what torpedoed Bhatia towards nation-wide internet fame and he has happily accepted the association with his partner Veerji in the hilarious sketches that run on bouts of humour and sarcasm.

Brief Bio

Jasmeet Singh Bhatia was born on 7th July 1993 in New Delhi. The 26-year-old actor is an engineering graduate. During his college days, he was developing a YouTube channel called QLC, which attracted plenty of eyes his way. The channel also helped Bhatia learn about his own potential and capabilities.

Bhatia started working at Infosys and after nearly a year of working there, a golden opportunity presented itself and Bhatia did not hesitate in grabbing it. TVF had posted a vacancy post on their Facebook page and Bhatia sent them his resume. He was accepted by TVF as an intern and the rest is history.


Besides being an actor, Bhatia is also a stand-up comedian. Humour came to him naturally so it was only appropriate that he decided to take up stand-up comedy. He said in an interview that he was never bound to a group of friends either in school or college, so he would just stand in circles and crack jokes about random things. He admits to having had the comedic flair but no idea how to take it through as he lacked the confidence required for comedy. But watching a ton of western sit-coms really helped him learn how to better utilize his comedic flair to actually get started as a comedian.

Bhatia once performed live for a crowd of over two thousand people at the cultural fest of Thapar University which had been a great experience for him as a budding comedian. He has also had some experience with opening for Vipul Goyal on the tour of ‘Humorously Yours’.

He is also a creative consultant and writer at TVF besides acting in comedic sketches. He learned screenplay writing while working there. He admitted to the experience and skills that he gained during his time at TVF which helped nurture and groom the artist in him.

Bhatia has also worked in a Bollywood movie ‘Ok Jaanu’ (2017) that was produced by Dharma Productions. The experience at the set helped teach him how to handle getting star-struck.

Body of Work

Jasmeet Singh Bhatia’s work portfolio is a rich one with over thirty sketches and numerous other things that he has dabbled in from time to time.

Bhatia wrote the screenplay for an episode of TVF’s ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ called ‘Sunny Leone’ in 2016.

He has eight credits in acting according to IMDB but his contributions have been much greater. He played the role of the enthusiastic sales intern in TVF’s ‘Pitchers’ in 2015. He played the role of Internjeet in the episode ‘Sunny Leone’ of ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ in 2016.

Bhatia has also played the role of the police commissioner in TVF’s popular web series ‘Tripling’ in the episode ‘Aage Tiraaha Hai…’ (2016).

He also made an appearance in the movie ‘Ok Jaanu’ (2017) as Bantee, where he got to work with superstars like Shraddha Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah.

Bhatia also played the role of Basantilal in TVF’s web series ‘Bisht, Please!’ in the episode ‘Bisht Ko Lahi Pee’ (2017). One of his most notable work was his role of the rebel group leader a.k.a. bachelor 2 in TVF’s mega-hit web series ‘Bachelors’ (2016-2018).

He played the role of Pammi in TSP’s ‘Zeroes’ and made an appearance in the episode ‘Mamta Ki New Roomie’ of ‘PA-Gals’ (2018).

Besides these, Bhatia has been a part of numerous comedy sketches by TSP such as ‘Serial Spoiler’ (2018), ‘A Day before Exam Results’ (2018), ‘Bro Code in School’ (2018), ‘Gandi Baat with Jizzy-Veerji’ (2018), ‘Rabish Ki Report – UPSC Ki Taiyari’ (2018), ‘Bro Code With Girls’ (2018), ‘What Couples Wish For In Different States’ (2018), ‘Gandi Baat With Jizzy-Veerji’ (2018), and ‘Bro Code’ (2018).

There are more of Bhatia’s works with TSP like ‘Jizzy-Veerji Recap Show’, ‘Every Long Distance Relationship Ever’ (2017), ‘If Politicians Were Doctors’ (2017), ‘Why People Quit Jobs’ (2017), ‘If Politicians Were Shopkeepers’ (2017), ‘Things People Forget’ (2017), ‘Things Which Spoil Your Mood’ (2017), ‘East India Consultancy – India vs Pakistan’ (2017), ‘Things People Say When You Fall Sick’ (2017), ‘Serial Eater’ (2017), ‘Men Will Be Men’ (2017), ‘Baap Baap Hota Hai’ (2017), ‘Jobless Engineers vs. HR’, ‘Test Match vs. T20’ (2017), ‘Jizzy Veerji and Friends’ (2017), ‘Dad At Your Office’ (2017), ‘Unwanted touches’ (2017), ‘Jizzy-Veerji – New Year Party Planning’ (2017).

Some of his earliest sketches with TSP are ‘Hotline Bling Parody’ (2016), ‘Batman vs. Superman Desi Version: Holi Party’ (2016), ‘Fatafat Ft. Ayushmann Khurrana’ (2016), ‘That Man Begins – A Superhero With Middle Class Powers’ (2015), ‘Save The Bhai’ (2015), ‘Scavengers – The Return of Indian Superheroes’ (2015), and many more.

Bhatia has also appeared in many of Girliyapa’s videos like ‘Splittsvilla’ (2018), ‘If New Year Resolutions could talk’ (2018), ‘When Little Wins Make You Happy’ (2017), ‘To Pee or Not to Pee’ (2017), ‘Things Fat Girls Go Through’ (2017), and ‘Times When You Remember Mom’ (2017).

Besides these, he has worked with The Timeliners in ‘Your Best Friend after a Breakup ft. Tinder’ (2017), ‘Types of Career Advices You Get’ (2017), ‘Every Cricket Advice ever (2017), and ‘Life of a Smoker’ (2017).

In addition to these, Bhatia has also appeared in some of TVF’s sketches like ‘College Admission Qtiyapa – Ek Admission Aisa Bhi’ (2018), ‘Dad At Your Office’ (2017), ‘A Day With An Indian Soldier’ (2017), ‘Front Seat Qtiyapa’ (2016), and ‘Eat, Pray…Swipe – Tinder Qtiyapa’ (2016).


Jasmeet is most commonly known by the nickname ‘Jizzy’ by his fans.

Bhatia’s top three favourite Indian comedians are Vipul Goyal, Biswa Kalyan Rath, and Kapil Sharma.

Bhatiya has also worked on a song with Jasdeep a.k.a. Burrah titled ‘Dilli De Sardaarboys’ which is a parody of The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’. The honest lyrics of the song struck a chord with the listeners and this received much appraisal.

His favourite actress is Preity Zinta and his favourite actors are Govinda and Sunny Deol.

His favourite food is butter chicken. His favourite destinations are Manali, Goa, and Ladakh.

Bhatia adores cats and loves watching cricket as well.

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  • Jasmeet Singh Bhatia I loved his natural and effortless comedy. I had first seen him Girliyapa videos after that I have checked out his more videos. ‘Eat, Pray…Swipe – Tinder Qtiyapa’ is my personal favourite. A well and brief profile review by you Bhaishakhi covered all his work.

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