Truth or Dare – The Ultimate Lie Buster

Truth or Dare is a game that all of us have definitely played one time or the other in our lives. It used to be our time fritter in school which made us privy to our friends’ dirtiest secrets and let us place them in the awkwardest situations with our maxim “rules are rules”. It’s a game fit for dissecting people to find out their hidden layers while also taking out their dirty laundry for some much-needed waft of fresh air.

TVF’s Truth or Dare ingeniously employs this much-loved game to elicit laughter along with chaos. It’s a three-episode mini web series of around ten minutes each that yokes together the most hilarious partners possible for playing this sly game. The clever pairings coupled with the witty dialogues will make sure that you are thoroughly entertained for the entirety of the show.

Truth or Dare with Husband and Wife (featuring Permanent Roommates)

‘Mikesh decides to surprise Tanya with a special Diwali gift, but the tables turn when they end up playing a game of Truth or Dare!’ – TVF

This episode brings back our favourite couple Mikesh and Tanya from Permanent Roommates and unites this married duo for a playful game of truth or dare. Since it is Mikesh and Tanya that we’re talking about, the general mood of the episode is hearty and impish. Mikesh, being the adorable clown that he is, strikes up a playful banter with Tanya, asserting on his ability to lie to her and act like a bad boy. But Tanya and we, the audience, are well aware of Mikesh’s total inability in being anything other than a compassionate sweetheart. Tanya decides to humour him and play along for what proves to be a tongue-in-cheek game of truth or dare that leaves us cooing at them as if they were a couple of cute kids in love.

Even though Mikesh and Tanya are the main leads, their maid Savitri manages to steal the spotlight with her wit and sass as she keeps on dropping little knowledge bombs that will leave you clutching your stomach on the floor in an infantile position. Hyperboles aside, Savitri’s character is really fascinating to watch as she quips and keeps making jocular remarks in between.

Mikesh and Tanya’s little game will fill you with ardour and admiration for their chemistry which is carried over from their time in Permanent Roommates. Mikesh gifting Tanya his phone on Diwali as a metaphor for him gifting her his time is simply adorable. You cannot have enough of this cute couple and I cannot stop gushing over them.

Truth or Dare with Dad

‘When Jeetu’s Dad finds something suspicious, he invites Jeetu to play truth or dare. Watch to know who gets trapped…’ – TVF

Imagine the worst possible person to play a game of truth or dare with. Now imagine that nightmare coming true. This is what happens in this episode as our lead protagonist gets roped into a game of truth or dare with none other than his dad! One can only imagine the embarrassment and awkwardness that will come along with it but one doesn’t need to because it’s all there in this episode where we witness Jeetu’s white-faced countenance as his father asks him dreadful questions one after the other.

It all begins when a father suspecting his son of drinking alcohol and frolicking around finds a cap from a beer bottle on the floor when he goes to visit his son. When asked about the cap, Jeetu and Bunty try to save face and tell Jeetu’s dad that the cap was from a beer bottle that they used to play a game of truth or dare with their boss and not to drink. Here begin their troubles as Jeetu is forced into a game with his suspicious father in what proves to a chaotic ten minutes with figurative swords drawn and blood loss from both sides.

Despite the tense environment, the episode doesn’t stop us from laughing out our guts as secrets are revealed from both sides. Jeetu’s drinking and womanizing habits are exposed whereas his dad’s hypocrisy and the lies behind his two-faced questions are laid bare for us to laugh at. The episode is made ludicrous by Jeetu’s completely oblivious mom who mistakes alcohol for refined oil and pours it in the food. During a tea-break interruption, she brings out a bong exclaiming how Jeetu had hidden away such a pretty “kettle” in the corner of the kitchen. Jeetu and Bunty’s mortified faces are a sight to behold.

Truth or Dare with College Crush

‘Jitendra and Akanksha want to go to a place before their second honeymoon but they can’t figure out where to go. Watch them go back to their college days where they first bonded over a game of Truth or Dare in the canteen and find out where they really want to go.’ – TVF

This particular episode takes a turn from the previous format as it jumps between timelines and the whole game of truth or dare takes place in the past in a flashback from our main leads Jitendra and Akanksha (they made a brief appearance in Permanent Roommates as well if you remember). The general mood of this episode is perhaps the tensest and somewhat melancholic in the beginning but the tension slowly dissipates into reconciliation of the couple with their old selves as they rediscover themselves and their partners.

A reason for the tension is perchance the perceptible tautness in the relationship between the two after their marriage which manifests itself in a difference of opinions, their inability to agree upon one thing, and the most evident of all, Akanksha’s mistrust in Jitendra’s loyalty. Her doubt regarding Jitendra’s love for her and consideration of her old habits is what paves the way for the flashback to when they were in their college’s cafeteria playing a game of truth or dare.

The game helps Jitendra and Akanksha in getting to know each other. Even though Jitendra claims that he already knows everything about Akanksha, which even though comes off as creepy and stalkerish, is proof of Jitendra’s pre-existing infatuation with the girl that he has had a crush on since day one of college. He reveals how he made assignments for her and scared people into treating her good (which again is not really the sign of a healthy relationship but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt).

The episode ends on a happy note with the married couple agreeing upon the place for their vacation and rediscovering their love for one another.

Is It Worth Watching?

This mini web series by TVF is definitely worth watching for a wholesome and exultant time that will either leave you a mush from all the sweet moment or a ball of giggles and snickers with all the uproarious moments.

Where can you watch it?

You can watch it for free on YouTube or click on the links below to watch.


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