A.I.S.H.A, My Virtual Girlfriend – India’s First Sci-Fi Web Series Is a Top-notch Thriller

Due to advanced software technology and social media, human lives are revolving around these two core aspects. What if a virtual assistant, something that has no humanness, in reality, develops a mind of its own? Can it take on the creator? Can someone have a relationship with a virtual entity if he or she feels extremely secluded or lonely? All these questions are answered by Arre’s premier entertainment series “A.I.S.H.A, my virtual girlfriend”. The romantic Sci-Fi thriller is the first of its kind in this country and it’s definitely a fresh take on the web series format in India.

Storyline: Sameer Luthra aka Sam, 26 is a genius software developer without any friend circle (only Sidhu, a drug peddler comes occasionally with a claim to be his best friend). His boss Sid is a megalomaniac and he’s like that cunning I-will-make-your-life-miserable guy who can really turn a staff’s life a living hell. Sam is the creator of A.I.S.H.A, i.e. Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant. Being a loner, Sam wanted to prove his mettle by creating a true AI program and there comes A.I.S.H.A. Although, it’s lifeless but soon it develops its own understanding, mind, and ideas. Sam’s life becomes messy when Siddhu, his only buddy, starts to threaten him regarding A.I.S.H.A. Things turn complicated when A.I.S.H.A falls in love with Sam.

Cast, Direction And Performance

Harman Singha as Sam is excellent in A.I.S.H.A. His portrayal of Sam is appropriately naïve, lonely, socially awkward, and a genius at work. The other lead, the megalomaniac boss, is played by Raghu Ram who’s just apt for the role. Raghu has tried to move forward from the shadow of Roadies, although his short-tempered mentality carries similarity with his Roadies role. Nimisha Mehta as A.I.S.H.A is the perfect beauty with brain combination. In supporting cast, Auritra Ghosh as Kriti and Adesh Sidhu as Sidhhu are proper. Harman Singha and Raghu Ram have co-written this story and Sahir Raza has directed it. Season 3 is already on board and is expected to release in two months.


The first season came exactly three years ago in April 2016 where A.I.S.H.A had immaturity and impetuous features as her world transformed along with her emotions. The second season was aired in 2017 and it shows a maturity and sense of independence within the virtual assistant. It captures the dark side of social media, software development, and AI when all these are trying to control human life and his or her emotions. This web-series was the winner of best overall web-series and the best Suspense/thriller in South Florida WebFest in Miami. An introduction of VFX and visual effects are important points to mention when we’re reviewing the series.  It’s a brilliant cocktail of the cyber world, crime, drama, romantic thriller that can keep the audience on their toes.

Raghu Ram said in a recent interview that A.I.S.H.A came before Netflix or Amazon Prime with a novel Sci-Fi plot and it’s more like a human drama irrespective of the A.I story.



Catch the two seasons on Arre’s YouTube channel absolutely free.

Here’s the first episode of Season 1

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  • It is so very exciting to see Sci-fi finally making credible entraces for netizens. The genre explored is a novelty for Indian shows and series.

  • A.I.SHA my virtual girlfriend some of the rare web series in India. I loved that our web series industries are trying some new things. Once I have started watching the first episode I can’t stop myself watching the next and next episode. I was expecting that I will see Raghu in a new character, playing something new but he is same what he was in Roadies, cruel and sadist. Maybe Raghu doesn’t want to change his image. Anyway loved the series.

    • Raghu’s role is actually the same as Roadies, probably he enjoys playing that kinda role on screen. Harman Singha is nice as well. Yeah Indian web series world is advancing towards the sci-fi genre and that’s a good sign.

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