Permanent Roommates – Simple yet Addictive

At first glance, TVF’s Permanent Roommates doesn’t stand out or make you go “wow” in the very first episode. But after years of mourning the regression of Indian Television, Permanent Roommate comes as a welcome change owing to its simplicity and soberness of content.

The web series follows the story of Mikesh (Mikky) and Tanya who were in a long-distance relationship for three years…until they weren’t. The first episode opens with Mikesh standing outside, what he believes is Tanya’s door, with a ring in his hand, ready to propose to his beloved. But Tanya isn’t sure about any of it as she oscillates between trying to tell him that it won’t work out and not wanting to break his heart. She is burdened with the guilt of the fact that Mikesh left a prosperous career in the United States of America with the intention of getting married to her. Her father doesn’t prove helpful either as he suggests her to live with Mikesh in a live-in relationship.

Henceforth begin the struggles of the couple as they re-discover their love for each other and come face-to-face with the reality of getting married to each other and the responsibilities that such an arrangement will bring with it.

Mikesh is a guy who comes off as foolish and naïve in the beginning but it is clear that though he is childish and gullible, he is far from being just a simple idiot head over heels in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back. As the series progresses, we realize that Mikesh is a genuine person who truly loves Tanya and is willing to make the relationship work despite Tanya’s confusion about it all. He is willing to give Tanya the time and space that she needs to sort out her own feelings.

Tanya’s confusion is evident when she hesitates in kicking Mikesh out of her flat. She feels responsible for him as it’s her own convoluted feelings that get them both in such a fix. She believes that the skype versions of both of them are vastly different than the real life versions of them and confronts Mikesh with the fact that he doesn’t really know her all that well.

What makes Permanent Roommates special is the simplicity with which Tanya and Mikesh’s problems are portrayed. The web series completely does away with excessive family drama and all the other nonsensical stuff that clutters Indian daily soaps. Even though Tanya and Mikesh’s story might not be similar to ours, feeling a connection and partnership with the both of them isn’t hard. Their emotions are raw and real. It is easy to relate to both of them and their own conflicting thoughts and opinions. They fight but they also love each other.

Their journey of re-discovering their love for each other is truly fascinating to watch. First episode in and you will be addicted. It is not hard to get attached to the series as it represents what real relationships are like. There are ups and downs and cracks and crevices that need to be navigated with care and patience. The emotional turmoil that affects both Tanya and Mikesh seems all too real to not feel empathetic towards them, especially when they are so much like us – two flawed but admirable human beings who are learning and growing from experiences.

Behind the Roles

Sumeet Vyas plays the role of the simple and adorable Mikesh a.k.a. Mikky. The role becomes him as he manages to pierce our hearts with that goofish smile of his and his innocent, trusting eyes. Summet Vyas is also known for his parts in TVF’s Tripling, Veere Di Wedding, and English Vinglish.

The role of the considerate and caring Tanya is played by Nidhi Singh who, like Sumeet, is the best at what she does. Her acting is very sobering to watch when you compare it with the over-dramatic roles in Indian soaps that overflow with a little too much passion.

The chemistry between the two of them is undeniably strong as is reflected in their roles on the screen. Their collective awkwardness and warmth are channelled into their roles which makes the character of Tanya and Mikesh so memorable. Sumeet and Nidhi have done justice to their roles.

The Masterminds

Permanent Roommates was written by Biswapati Sarkar and directed by Sameer Saxena. Vaibhav Bundhoo was the composer of the series. The web series owes its popularity to these people who completely redefined romance dramas in the Indian television by providing what millions had been starving for – a refreshing romantic comedy that reflects the youth of our country.

Episode Rundown for Season One

Episode 1: The Proposal

Mikesh shows up at Tanya’s place on his knees with a ring to propose to her but she’s startled and perplexed with the suddenness of it all. After multiple failed attempts at straight-out refusing him, Tanya finds herself in an awkward situation.

Episode 2: The Father In-Law

Mikesh reveals that he marriage cannot be cancelled because he has already revealed his plans to someone else…Tanya’s father.

Episode 3: The Bachelor Pad

Mikesh finds himself in a dilapidated and unkempt apartment with strangers on the suggestion of Ritu’s boyfriend Lleo after he is forced to move out of Tanya’s place.

Episode 4: The Bridegroom

Mikesh and Tanya stumble upon a wedding and an old friend. While saving his friend’s marriage, Mikesh realizes something about his own feelings.

Episode 5: The Agreement

Tanya and Mikesh are forced to sign the agreement for an apartment which they don’t need any more but the event unites them again…until they’re ripped apart once again.

Should You Watch It?

The viral popularity of Permanent Roommates, which collected a cult following, paved the way for better content that the youth would gladly consume. At the moment the web series’ first season has over thirty nine million views which are a testament to its popularity and relevancy. Permanent Roommates continues to be a favourite among youngsters and for good reasons.

It is addictive without being too showy or gaudy with the settings and costumes. The plot is simple enough but the complexity of emotions in both the main leads is a true representation of the youth who don’t always have pristine clarity about their feelings and decisions but still wade through neck-deep water when it comes to understanding themselves.

The characters are so well-written that it is not easy to forget them. Rather, they stay on in your memory thanks to the human-like qualities that they have which makes them relatable.

I would definitely recommend you to watch Permanent Roommates because this is the quality content that we deserve as sensible and intelligent beings instead of the ludicrous content that we get on Indian television.

The episodes aren’t long and the plot isn’t dragged on. The script is crisp and to the point. You wouldn’t realize how fast you’ll finish watching it.

Where Can You Watch It?

You can watch all the episodes for free on YouTube. Click on the link below to watch the first episode.

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