“Four More Shots Please!” – A bold take on women

A show highlighting the lives of four young ladies who are trying to figure themselves out while battling their inner self and the norms of the society. In the modern world where importance is given to equality and people are actually wanting women to be on the same pedestal, there are still masses who look down upon women. Likewise, these four girls who live in the sprawling and competitive city of Mumbai, face certain issues. While they deal with forces of society they also have to manage to live a sane life where they can seek happiness.

Based on the modern reality of how there are still men out there who are like predators waiting for a chance to prey on women, ‘Four More Shots’ covers the life of a fearless journalist, a lawyer, a gym trainer, and a girl who has had it with her mother.

Damini Rizvi Roy, aka ‘D’, is a fearless journalist who believes in honest journalism. Having a mind for being a ‘Fearless Journalist’, she started her own journalism agency called ‘Investigator.com’. Content with her work, she pushes her agency further to deliver hard truths. When it all seems alright, the Board of Directors decide to take a different route for the agency by controlling her news and then eventually hiring a replacement for her. To add to this, she battles with anxiety disorder and ADHD.

Anjana Menon is a female lawyer who is currently still going through the trauma of having been broken up with her ex-husband. She immensely loves her 4-year-old daughter. Ever since she has had her, Anjana has been completely sexually inactive. On knowing this, her friends encourage her to explore her body and get back to finding some guy for her. When she sees her ex-husband with a new girl, this oddly makes her feel insecure. But then she ends up meeting a new intern who is a couple of years younger than her. Things go well and they hit it off.

Umang Singh, is literally and figuratively, a strong woman. She is a gym freak who also is a gym trainer. She had left her small town and came to Mumbai to make her way in this big town. Often having to deal with catcalling and physical harassment by perverted men in the gym, she wants her gym to take action. But when they refuse to do so she quits her job. While she is jobless, a friend of hers hooks her up as a personal trainer for a celebrity, Samara Kapoor. Umang, being a bisexual, gets attracted to this beautiful celebrity. Samara gives a try by exploring her sexuality with Umang. During this Umang ends up falling in love with Samara and her life becomes complicated.

Siddhi Patel is a 23-year-old virgin who has had it with her mother, Sneha. Sneha is constantly on her back criticizing her for everything she does, just because it does not fit her and the society’s narrative. Her mom wants her to get married to a good guy but Siddhi is not yet sure of what she actually wants to do with her life. When she no longer can keep up with her mom’s tantrums, Siddhi tries being an anonymous stripper online while she hides her face. She loves to be with her three girlfriends. Still her other life as a cam stripper comes back at her ever after she has left it.

FOUR MORE SHOTS! is an extremely bold show that portrays the struggles the women of this new world have to go through. The show is full of guest appearances from skilled actors such as Milind Soman, Neil Bhoopalam, Lisa Ray, and Prateik Babbar. Looking at the people’s response, the show is likely to be renewed for season 2.

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  • I’ve seen this for Bani J cz I love her. The show seems to be a web version of Veere Di Wedding in some scenes, however a much needed in a patriarchal society. Nice review..

    • Bani J is also my personal favourite and I have watched the series because of her. The title track and background music is strong and connected.

  • It is great to see writers and directors churning out female centric content. Your articles shines a positive light on the series. I am looking forward to watching it.

  • Bani J is also my personal favourite and I have watched the series because of her. The title track and background music is strong and connected.

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