Trapped – Awkward Situations, Hilarious Conversations

Ever found yourself trapped with a stranger in an awkward situation? Or perhaps found yourself in a forced conversation with an acquaintance? We have all been in that kind of situation one time or the other in our life. TVF’s Trapped explores the awkwardness and the discomfort that comes with getting stuck with an unwanted person and being forced to make conversation.

‘Trapped’ brilliantly exploits real-life situations with highly-imaginative writing that brings to life the uneasiness that is felt by one when they are unable to find an escape route from conversations. The show isn’t just realistic but also entertaining owing to the witty dialogues. This combined with the outstanding acting, make ‘Trapped’ a worthwhile comedy that extracts humour from the mundane everyday life.

Episode 1: Trapped with Dadaji (Grandfather)

‘Have you ever started talking to someone who doesn’t stop talking? Well, this is exactly what happens to Kunal in this video. He is excited about his weekend plans with his friends. But for reasons unknown, on Neha’s request, he decides to help Neha who is supposedly taking care of her grandpa. Kunal is supposed to take care of Dadaji for a little while? But what is the length of this little?’ – TVF

After getting hoodwinked by a pretty girl and her feminine charms, Kunal finds himself in a bit of a fix. The excitement of his weekend plans forgotten, Kunal finds himself stuck in a conversation with an elderly man who refuses to keep quiet. Kunal is hounded by Dadaji with uncomfortable questions that leave Kunal in a tizzy. Dadaji, completely oblivious about the real reason for Kunal’s restlessness, continues giving his two cents on random topics such as the weather, bird-flu, and Kunal’s weight, in between praises of his own son. Kunal’s discomfort is palpable and reaches a fever pitch as the show progresses. As realization dawn, Dadaji finally understands why Kunal is so eager to leave and expresses his loneliness.

This episode is comedy at its best. It manages to speak volumes and send a moral while playing with hilarious dialogues that add to the discomfort and embarrassment which eventually culminates in hilarious conversations that will surely make you laugh. It also addresses the issue of the loosening of one’s bladder as they get older and tries to remove the stigma against using adult diapers.

Episode 2: Trapped with School Teacher

‘Imagine being stuck in a conversation with your school teacher you never interacted with. Watch as Tejas’ worst nightmare unfolds in front of his eyes. Will he make it in time for the cab? Will he survive?’ – TVF

We all have that one school teacher who refuses to treat us like an adult even though it has been years since we passed out from school. An encounter with such a teacher is surely to be dreaded and avoided. Getting stuck with our nagging school teacher would be a nightmare come to life. Tejas, the protagonist, feels the full force of this nightmare and gathers our collective sympathies as he bears the brunt of his school teacher’s fat-shaming and arrogance. The teacher has his way with Tejas and orders him around, forcing Tejas to fill his bank forms. He bombards Tejas with questions about life and career and expresses his grave disappointment with Tejas in no sugarcoated words.

The show addresses the generation gap between a former student and teacher and the clash between their ideologies. It is part nostalgic thanks to the references to school days which are a common experience among many of us. The timely delivery of dialogues coupled with on-point acting makes this episode immensely entertaining.

Cast and Crew

Creative Director: Anandeshwar Dwivedi

Channel Producer: Shreyansh Pandey

Written by: Vikas Sharma

Directed by: Sachin Negi

DOP: Anusha Singhania

Edited by: Shuchi Gupta

Music: Deeptanshu Mokashi

Cast: Gopal Datt, Badri Chavan

Is it worth watching?

TVF’s Trapped is a show that is definitely worth watching. It is short and has only two episodes which are meant for general entertainment so don’t expect too much from it. The dialogues are witty and humorous. The acting is commendable. All in all, it’s a decent enough series for binging in your spare time.

Where can you watch it?

You can watch it for free on YouTube or click on the links below to watch.


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  • We all have faced similar kinda awkward situations when avoiding a conversation or looking at the mobiles is the only thing we can do..The series is hilarious and you’ve put across the feel appropriately. Nice review.

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