Pushpavalli – A stalker’s Tale

She’s following her dream or She is stalking? 

Amazon prime web series, Pushpavalli is the story of a girl who is supposed to finish her degree in food science. The problem with most of the Indian mothers is evident in her mother as well as she wants that her daughter should get married soon with the guy that she will approve of. Pushpavalli’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Nikhil, a charming and handsome guy at a food event. Guys don’t see Pushpavalli as a girl who they can date because for them she is not conventionally beautiful. So, Nikhil’s attention in her world was like an unexpected thing. When she finds out that Nikhil is in Bangalore, she secretly follows him to Bangalore. With the help from her ex-schoolmate Pankaj, she gets a job in the children’s library owned by him. Pushpavalli stays in a PG run by Vasu with other working women. She hires a tea boy so that she can get all the information about Nikhil via him. 

Pushpavalli tries to get close to Nikhil without making him realize. She doesn’t know what he feels for her but still, she keeps on stalking him. She keeps calling him from different numbers and sometimes uses a stranger’s phone. She pays off people to keep her updated about Nikhil’s whereabouts. 

Still from the series Pushpavilla

Fat Shaming

The series has shown how fat shaming affects a person’s confidence, psychology, life, and thoughts adversely. Pushpavalli’s mother keeps telling her continuously that it’s a curse being fat and that’s the reason no guy loves her. So, when she gets attention from Nikhil, it’s like a festive occasion for her because never in her life any guy talked to her without making fun of her for being fat. Fat is not an ugly word; every human should get basic respect regardless of how they look.  

Things which you will love in the series. 

Movies and television shows usually take Punjabi, Brahmin, or Bengali characters and it’s rare to see a web series based on south Indian character.  

In Bollywood movies, stalking is shown in a romantic manner but Pushpavalli series shows stalking in the most original way. Indian filmmakers should learn this thing from Pushpavalli.  

Pushpavalli’s character makes us laugh but at the same time, you will feel bad for her. She knows that what she is doing is wrong but she keeps on convincing herself that it’s not stalking if you know the person.

Vasu, the owner of the PG constantly threatens Pushpavalli that if she doesn’t pay the deposit, she will throw her out from the PG. She always speaks in broken English and Kannada.   

The conversations between Pushpavalli and her mother, half of which are in Tamil, are a joy to watch because it’s a real, normal mother-daughter relationship.   

Vasu, the devious PG owner and Pushpavalli’s mom should be given brownie points.  

Pankaj, an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed friend of Pushpavalli seems awkward and hilarious. He starts thinking that Nikhil is the one stalking Pushpavalli and she is in danger.  

This show portrays what lengths a person can go to in order to be with the person who treats them nicely. Pushpavalli is a rare and refreshing web series.  

The characters make the series a must watch

Cast and Crew

Director is Debbie Rao.

Head writers are Naveen Richard, Sumukhi, Suresh, and Rahul Hota.

Sumukhi Suresh as Pushpavalli, she is a well-known comedian.

Naveen Richard as Pankaj, Sumukhi’s friend and librarian.

Manish Anand as Nikhil, whom Pushpavalli stalks.

Sharaddha as Vasu, Pushpavalli’s landlady.

Do they (Nikhil and Pushpavalli) end up together? Watch Pushpavilla on Amazon Prime.

You can watch Pushpavalli trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhM5hmbAKOI

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  • wow, that’s a different take, usually guys are seen to stalk their love interests, and it’s the reverse case here. quite interesting. thanks for reviewing it Himani

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