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Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of popular products of mass media in India? TVF’s ‘The Making Of’ explores what really goes on behind the scenes and exposes the truth with hilarious hyperboles and sarcasm.  It takes out the dirty laundry and reveals it in front of all the netizens to allow them to use their little grey cells and form their own opinions. ‘The Making Of’ dauntlessly parodies many popular tropes in Indian television; probing them under a microscope and disseminating them to find the absurdities within. Celebrity A-listers, singers, news anchors, and producers aren’t exempt from TVF’s critical eye either. The Making Of applies dark humour and sharp sarcasm while circling the perimeter of political satire.

Episode 1: A 200 Crore Film (Bhai Ho!)

‘The first episode of our web series ‘The Making Of…’, where we try to go behind the scenes of a standard 200 crore film, featuring Bhai, an actor’s daughter and a director who doesn’t know Hindi.’ -TVF

The first episode scrutinizes Bollywood blockbusters that claim to have a budget of 200 crores but fail to deliver in quality. The main protagonist, who plays the main hero in the supposed ‘100 crore film’, is a jab at Salman Khan. The episode not only parodies the megastar but also his hit movies, all of which seem to have the same character but with slightly different storylines. Nepotism is also addressed in the episode with the portrayal of the lack of talent which comes as a result of picking actors based on blood and not on talent.

The episode makes a mockery of film directors and producers who are partners in crime when it comes to creating nonsensical scenes and clichés just to attract the audience. The episode also pokes fun at the gullible audience that happily devours whatever is thrown at them, no matter the quality, as long as their favourite star is in it.

Episode 2: A Bollywood Party Song (ft. Yo Yo Party Singh)

‘The Greatest Rapper of the country sets out to win the Grammy for India. His journey leads him to some unusual musicians and very tragic accidents.’ -TVF

An obvious parody of the famed rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and vocalist Himesh Reshammiya, this episode satirizes the generic Bollywood party songs, all of which seem like rip-offs of one another. The lack of originality is apparent in these sorry excuses for songs and the episode pokes fun at all of this with a lot of ardent passion. The witty dialogues are music to the ears (if I may). This particular episode is jam-packed with clever innuendos and references that hilariously reveal the ridiculousness of the composing of Bollywood party songs that use bland lyrics in copious amounts.

Episode 3: An Indian Arthouse Film (Spaceship of Pretentious)

‘Watch The Making Of ‘An Indian Arthouse Film’ (Spaceship of Pretentious). The purpose of Art is to brighten Life. But can you sacrifice a Life to brighten Art? TVF is presenting the latest episode of ‘The Making Of…’ where we go behind the scenes of an Indian Arthouse film. Featuring several faces of Indian Independent Cinema, who know how to laugh at themselves.’ -TVF

The third episode of TVF’s The Making Of doesn’t disappoint either. As its title states, this episode is a Spaceship of Pretentious, or rather a mockery of the pretentiousness of most of the Arthouse films out there which use their “lucid vocabulary” to sound smart and intellectual.

The episode is full of humour that doesn’t shy away from getting pretty dark at moments with murder, unnatural sex, and eating the entrails of little puppies? Intrigued?

There are plenty of references to keep you entertained along with the witty surreal humour. Ten points if you can guess the biggest Arthouse film reference in this episode; Ship of Theseus. This episode completely rips into the arteries of Arthouse Films and leaves them blanched. There’s nothing more entertaining than having snobbery brought down to its knees.

Episode 4: A Decade Long Daily Soap (ft. Ekthi Kapoor)

‘Watch TVF’s Latest Show, The Making Of ‘A Decade Long Daily Soap’ (ft. Ekthi Kapoor). In This Video, the most important thing about an Indian Show, its TRP, started dropping, there was only one person who could bring it back… and HOW!!’ -TVF

Here lie the ashes of daily soaps as TVF burns them down to a crisp. Ekta Kapoor is famed for her daily soaps that run on for decades and decades. With only TRP’s in mind, daily shows are a never-ending nightmare of clichés and tropes that aren’t lacking in sexism and patriarchal ideologies.

The episode begins with a daily soap being cancelled for its low TRPs and then getting replaced with one being produced by Ekthi Kapoor, the obvious choice for a high TRP show. The episode delivers on its promise of showing the making of these decade long daily soaps that the Indians can’t seem to get enough of. The episode mocks the sub-par quality of these daily soaps and the recycling of plot that goes on in it. The dialogues and acting are on point.

Episode 5: Breaking News (Maanglik Hui Mangla)

‘Watch the latest Making of Breaking News, Maanglik Hui Mangla Episode. In This Episode, When Jamia Roy Sengupta fails to bring the good news stories for her channel, she brings in news-veteran-tuned foodie Pramod Dua to create the greatest ‘breaking news’ story of all time.’ -TVF

Just the title of this episode is enough to bring on a flurry of giggles thanks to its absurdity which is buttressed by the realization that this is actually the reality. Indian news channels are known for being biased and outright manipulative when it comes to reporting. There’s no guarantee that what you see in these channels is what actually happened.

The Making Of uses heavy political satire and an abundance of sarcasm to reveal the ‘hard-work’ that goes into ‘writing’ a breaking news. When fake witnesses and sloppy writers are combined with an expert panel and sentimental music, a breaking news is born, no matter if it’s authentic or not.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you enjoy political satire, sarcasm, and dark humour, then this series is your cup of tea. It is loaded with humorous references and parodies that are sure to bring a snigger or two to your face. It’s a total binge-watch worthy show that will leave you a little smarter and a little less ignorant.

Where can you watch it?

You can watch it for free on YouTube. Watch the first episode here.

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  • TVF is one of the best platforms when it comes to political and dark humour, their take on satire is perfect. a must watch, and a great review..

  • The rhetoric is on point. It is good to see Indian shows finally lashing back at feudal, stereotyping films, soaps and nauseating noise that passes for music. Great article, Baishakhi.

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