A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend – She knows everything about you.

What happens when technology takes over?
A scary dream.
Arre’s (brand) ‘A.I.SHA’ is about a 26-year-old genius app developer Sam who works under a vicious megalomaniac boss. To prove that he is not a loser he develops the perfect artificial intelligence app called A.I.SHA (short for Artifical Intelligence Stimulated Humanoid Assistant). Things start going against him when A.I.SHA develops a mind of her own. Things get even worse when A.I.SHA falls madly in love with Sam.

A.I.SHA knows everything about Sam and now he wants to destroy A.I.SHA. Will he be successful?

The series is heavily inspired by the Frankenstein series of Hollywood but it’s not a copy and doesn’t lose its originality at any moment.

A.I.SHA – #My Virtual Girlfriend

By its name, you can guess that it will be a light comedy, but it’s not. A.I.SHA – #My Virtual Girlfriend is full of dark humour and suspense. After watching the first episode you will be wanting more and more and it’s difficult to master these kinds of direction tricks when you are doing something out of the league. There are seven episodes in season one.


  • A unique concept tried by the makers. A good concept which has never been touched before by the web series makers of India.
  • The show is directed in such a way that you will want to know what happens next and you won’t be able to wait to see the next episode.
  • Sameer’s character is original and relatable; all IT professionals will connect with Sam.
  • The video diaries and visual effects are impressive.
  • The conversation between the characters is minimal; no unnecessary dialogues.


  • The dialogues could have been more impactful.

From Indian Original Web Series perspective, A.I.SHA, Arre’s concept of romantic sci-fi thriller is definitely interesting and earns extra points.

Cast and Crew

Harman Singha and Raghu Ram are the writers of the web series.
Harman Singha as Sameer Luthra.
Nimisha Mehta as A.I.SHA.
Auritra Ghosh as Kriti.
Raghu Ram as Siddharth Babbar. Interesting to see Raghu Ram after Roadies, in the character of a cruel boss.
SahirRaza, the director of all three seasons.

Harman Singha and Raghu Ram

A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend – A message

The show touches many important issues like the youth’s obsession with AI and social networking.
“It’s going to be a real concern some years down the line. AI is already smarter than us. How far are we ready to go?” wonders Singha. Ram adds, “Anything I want to be associated with had to be dark and serious, and that’s why the show takes an ugly turn. That’s why the question ‘what happens when your perfect girl turns on you?’”

The web-series has also been translated to Telugu and Tamil to reach a wider audience.
A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend will exceed your expectations. A must watch.
You can watch all the episodes on Arre’s YouTube channel.

Watch the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3flTlvbfBE

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  • I absolutely loved A.I.S.H.A, it’s different and keeps up the pace of the story. Harman as Sam is perfect and so does Raghu Ram (keeping his roadies role up). Himani, your review in this article is unique too. I loved how you explained the plus points without revealing much

    • Thank you! Maitrayee
      It’s interesting that our web series makers are also choosing some unique concepts.

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