Cheers! – Friends.Reunion.Goa

We all have our own definitions of friendship. For some, friendship is spending jolly time and for some, it’s the escape from the stressful and busy life.

What does a Reunion with our College Friends feel like?

Reunion with them makes us restless(positive way), we forget all the chaos going on in our life, the cruel boss, the irritating officemate by our side, our scolding mother, low bank balance, and other problems.
A friend-group combined with the most exotic destination Goa – Cheers! – Friends.Reunion.Goa. 

About the web series Cheers! – Friends.Reunion.Goa 

Four friends Prerna, Siddharth, Jigyasu, and Rajan reunite after 5 years of graduating from college in a Goa Trip. They were all facing ups and downs in their lives. It is interesting to know what will happen when they meet. Friends.Reunion.Goa is full of emotions, fun, drama, laughter, adventure, and unveils a number of secrets.
The first episode Beer ki Kasam starts in Gravity Bar where Kala Dada and Jigyasu are having a beer and they are recollecting some old memories.
Jigyashu writes the speech which he has to deliver in front of the present students, where he not only describes college as the four best years of a person’s life but also talks about how it’s a place where we find our real-life superheroes! This heartfelt speech will surely send you down memory lane to the best years of your life.

Friends+Reunion+Goa= What could be better?

Five reasons to watch the web series Cheers! –  Friends.Reunion.Goa

  • Missing your college? This series takes you back to the time when you bunked your classes with your crazy (declared mad but still your friend) friends, the college canteen, wandering in the college for no reason and so on.
  • Lots of fun factors are there that will make you laugh at every moment.
  • Raises some ideological issues like mocking the person speaking some foreign language, the girl with the beard, and most importantly, ragging.
  • You will find a combination of rivalry and friendship.
  • The dialogue delivery and the acting of caste do not disappoint. A well-written script. Especially the last episode Promise box is very overwhelming.

Caste and Crew

Patralekha Paul as Prerna

Anupriya Goenka as Charu Rastogi

Vijay Varma as  Ciggy (Siddharth)

Aman Uppal as Jigyasu

Aditya Kumar as Tantrik (Rajan), better known as Perpendicular from the Gangs of Wasseypur.

Jatin Sharma, better known as Bunty from Sacred Games.

Brijendra as Kala Dada (Gravity Bar).

Directed by Sumit Saxena, a well-known writer who has also written Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

Watch Cheers! – Friends.Reunion.Goa  here

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  • This sounds really fun! Though I’m not yet at that stage of life when I’d be missing my college friends (since I’m currently in college), I’m sure this series would remind me of my cherished school days and childhood friends.

  • As with most of your articles, the eclectic nature makes for an interesting read. You have captured the universal emotion of nostalgia and justified viewer-inclination very well.

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