Bang Baaja Baaraat – The Modern Indian Wedding

“F*ck you!”, the groom and the bride curse at each as they storm off from the mandap (wedding altar) towards opposite paths. Y-Films’ ‘Bang Baaja Baaraat’ is a five-episode mini web series that explores the train-wreck of a marriage between two youths from vastly different backgrounds who met over Tinder. What follows is a mess of relationships and clashing traditions that raises the bar of rom-com.

The Plot

Bang Baaja Baaraat, the second original Y-Films series is the story of two crazy families and one mental wedding.

(Synopsis by YFilms)

The series begins with the two lovebirds, Pawan and Shahana, cuddling with each other post love-making, making pre-wedding promises to “stay on the same page”. But as their families meet each other three days before the wedding, in a messy collision of different backgrounds and traditions, it becomes clear that Pawan and Shahana aren’t even on the same book. Pawan’s family is the typical orthodox, Brahmin bunch whereas Shahana’s family is modelled after the unstable dynamics of modern day families. Meat-consuming and rowdy Punjabis, Shahana’s family couldn’t be any different from that of Pawan’s.

Cultural Mismatch

Bang Baaja Baaraat uses the age-old trope of a cultural mismatch but with a refreshing twist that results in a wild rom-com that is worthy of high praise. Pawan and Shahana’s families are polar opposites, lying at the extremes of the cultural spectrum. Shahana’s parents are divorced and her mom is dating Shahana’s ex-boyfriend in a peculiarly confounding love-triangle. Pawan’s family mistakes the ex-boyfriend to be the nephew of Shahana’s mom. This cultural clash and the extremities of ideologies are well utilized to create an entertaining show that will leave you gleeful.

Modern Mess

Brimming with raunchy jokes and risqué scenes, Bang Baaja Baaraat is a testament to the evolving consumption of media on the internet which now encourages big production houses like Y-Films to bet their money on shows that go beyond the easy, low budgets to a grand production scale that leaves no room for poor quality.

Bang Baaja Baaraat ingeniously exploits the frivolousness of modern relationships. Pawan and Shahana, our main leads, meet through Tinder for a casual hookup that morphs into a love that leaps the bounds of culture and tradition. They inform their parents about their marriage three days before the ceremony in a ploy that is unconventional as well as unheard of. Bang Baaja Baaraat is rich with sexual innuendos and sexually explicit content like the Bachelorette party thrown to Shahana by her friends where they sip drinks from phallic glasses while dipping in the pool in their bikinis. The cultural mismatch that results adds life and vivacity to the show.

Cast and Crew

Bang Baaja Baaraat was produced by the Vice President of Y-Films, Ashish Patel, and directed by Anand Tiwari.

Sumeet Vyas, Amritpal Bindra, and Anand Tiwari are the geniuses behind the bold script that goes beyond the conventional.

Angira Dhar and Ali Fazal play the roles of Shahana and Pawan respectively. The supporting cast includes Ayesha Raza, Gajraj Rao, Rajit Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Preetika Chawla, Priyanshu Painuli, and Neil Bhoopalam.

Why Should You Watch It?

Bang Baaja Baaraat takes a clever turn from the typical big, fat Indian wedding by incorporating new elements that are a welcome break from the generic shows on Indian weddings. The modern twist, coupled with the messy dynamics of relationships, makes the show refreshing to watch. It addresses many issues of contemporary relationships and explores different perspectives that subvert the conventional view of marriage.

In addition to being a well-written rom-com, Bang Baaja Baaraat has some lessons to teach. It takes a fresh approach to relationships in general and probes into unexplored subjects.

Where can you watch it?

You can watch this five-episode rom-com web series here: Bang Baaja Baaraat

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  • I have seen the web series. It is interesting to watch Angira Dhar and Ali Fazal together. The cultural mismatch was really interesting. Angira was the star of the show for me, she is beautiful and her acting is amazing. Lots of Drama and Comedy, I am waiting for the second season.

  • This is a brilliantly edited series. The frequent breaking of the fourth wall and spiking social mockery makes for a great binge-watch.

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