What Happens When Your Bustling Home Becomes Your Office? Watch Dice Media’s ‘Home Sweet Office’ To Find Out

Director: Sonal Basra

Concept and Writing : Yudhisthir Agarwal, Srijan Shukla

Music: Karan Malhotra

Cast: Barkha Singh, Isha Talwar, Yogendra Tiku, Shabnam Vadhera


The partnership in an entrepreneurial venture is quite important for its success. However, if you find the partner in your family, it’s great. You know the person, their thought process, creativity and ability. But when your buzzing office is right in the middle of your upper middle class ‘baniya’ home in Delhi, does it have similar perks?

Dice Media, the creator of ‘Little Things’ has come up with the latest web series ‘Home Sweet Office’ where 2 cousin sisters decide to start their business of candid wedding films and merchandise from their residence in Delhi. The series has presented the ups and downs of the work-from-home concept. Parents, family members, neighbours have their say and you can’t ignore it, especially when it’s in Delhi. The family dynamics collides with the professional dynamics, ambitions meet daily nonchalance and a new-age entrepreneurship deals with the family business ideas. How do these sisters handle these collisions of dynamics when they take away the peace of mind? For that, you have to catch the series on the YouTube channel of Dice Media.


Home Sweet Office has 5 episodes where Adhira and Shagun, the cousin entrepreneurs face issues with clients, their parents and even with each other. Each episode (of around 20-22 minutes) has a different story. The stories are in their simplest forms and the audience can have some better learning to take home. Adhira is creative but a bit emotional and scornful when it disturbs her sentiments. Shagun is more sorted, has better business sense and prefers everything planned. Sometimes, they take suggestions from Adhira’s parents when they get stuck and sometimes, their parents want to get involved on their own. Their conflict of interests, when it comes to recording Adhira’s ex’s wedding, dilemmas while shooting for a fashion designer, apolitical clients and their demands, the vulnerability of new startups are portrayed beautifully.

Cast, Direction and Music

Barkha Singh, a well-known digital face, plays the character of Adhira with full conviction. Isha Talwar plays the other cousin and is also pretty natural in her role. Veteran actor Yogendra Tiku plays the role of Adhira’s father who is friendly with his daughter and niece. Shabnam Vadhera plays Adhira’s mother who is also supportive like her father. They give their suggestions to Adhira and Shagun and their opinions mostly differ.

Sonal Batra is the director of this web series who has also directed OML and Culture Machine previously. The music needs special mention. It captures the essence of the story vividly and must be released separately. Karan Malhotra has done a great job in this web series too as a music director (like his earlier works in The Trip and Ready to Mingle).

Wow or Blah

‘Home Sweet Office’ has a bunch of great actors who did their best in their respective roles. The concept is different with no fights, drama or games. It shows pure and delicate human bonds, morality, expressing gratitude and thinking about other people in its stories. Some lines like ‘Baatein bandh Nehi Honi Chahiye’ (Whether it is life or business, partners must talk it out) can be a much-needed lesson for all of us. Besides, showing Hindi subtitles is a wonderful effort.

Now coming to some not-so-great aspects. Blatant product placements (Amazon being the main sponsor, Pipe-Bella jewellery, Ayurvedic Tea etc. etc.) disturb the flow of the story at some places. Funnier punchlines, with some smart and faster turning points, could have been added to build an interesting story.

Catch episode 1 here and the whole series on Rhapsode: Home Sweet Home

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