Adulting – Sprinkle of Fun and Emotions

When we are kids we are in a hurry to grow up.
Waking up late at night, travelling alone, buying anything you want, spending your own money; there’s no one who will stop you or question you. These are the things which fascinate us when we are young. The proverb “grass is greener on the other side” fits here. We are unaware that adulthood doesn’t only bring freedom but also lots of responsibilities on our shoulders.
Dice Media’s web series Adulting, is a story of two young girls Nikhat and Ray, away from home in a new place with a new job and a new struggle. They both are best friends and also flatmates.

The first episode starts with Ray and Nikhat coming from a Justin Bieber concert.
Ray is a little bit childish but Nikhat is mature; this is the first impression that we get of both the lead characters. But soon this perception changes. Nikhat’s birthday is coming but she has no money to celebrate. When Ray comes to know that it’s Nikhat birthday, she tries to make her birthday special but she too has a low balance in her account. After planning all day within her budget, she organizes a teeny-weeny party for Nikhat to make her happy. Her efforts for her flatmate cum best friend are really heart touching.
The description of Suryavansham movie is comical and makes you laugh.

In the next episodes, you will see Nikhat’s mom. The directors have not over-dramatized Nikhat’s mom by creating old fashioned drama between a mother and a child. Nikhat’s mom is an open-minded mom which is expected from urban folks.
The second episode Mommy knows best’ is an emotional ride and beautifully shows the mother-daughter relationship. It doesn’t matter how old you grow, your bond with mom will always be special. Every episode of Adulting uncovers a new complication in Nikhat and Ray’s life. Earning on your own, paying bills, and managing expenses is not an easy task for Nikhat and Ray just like it isn’t for everyone who is far from their native place either.
The characters make Adulting a special series of Dice Media.

Adulting takes you back to the years when you newly entered in adulthood and were facing struggles like Ray and Nikhat. They don’t take help from their parents (MOM DAD BANK) this shows that they want to stand on their own despite all the difficulties and complications. The big city like Mumbai has multiple challenges for them but they don’t stop and keep going on.

Leading Caste

Aisha Ahmed as Nikhat is innocent and charming. She is extremely confident. She seems a little bit mysterious in her emotions.

Yashaswini Dayama as Ray is the soul of this series. She is just like a kid but at the same time shows maturity where required. Her dialogue delivery is amazing every single dialogue of her is free flowing no extra knick-knack.

Sheeba Chaddha, who plays Nikhat’s mom leaves a sweet smile on our face. Her sharing of drink with girls makes her cool mom. Oh! we all need a mom like her.

Ravi Gossain as Gyaani taxi-driver.

The best thing I found in the web series is that not only the protagonists are female but also the director, writers, editor, assistant director team, line producer, and several other key positions.

If you are tired of seeing web series on dark romance, multiple relationships, thriller, tricky scripts, complicated relationships and so on then Adulting will be a breath of fresh air for you. A bittersweet story of two young girls and their attempts to be independent, and responsibly earning adults.
A must watch.

Watch it here: Adulting

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