What Happens When 2 Potheads Build An App To Sell Weed? Find Out in Hilarious ‘Joint Venture’ By MensXP

Whether metropolises or small towns, start-ups are quite trending in recent years. Most people dream of establishing their own organizations when it comes to transforming own dreams a reality. But it’s easier said than done. When it is about a crazy start-up, a lot of twists and turns are guaranteed. The latest web series by MensXP, ‘Joint Venture’ is not just about any start-up. Can you guess what it is all about? The title says it all. Joint Venture is a start-up by two management weed-lover students to score weeds. From their mutual appreciation for a well made joint, they come up with this risky idea to build a software application ‘HiScore’. Crazy and illegal? Yes! What happens next is not something they have imagined in their wildest dreams.


Arijit and Ankit, two weed lover friends are crazy about “good stuff” but hate about going out of their way to scoring weed. While smoking a joint, they decide to try their hand in a venture so that people like them won’t have to worry about having a good quality of weed by contacting dealers directly. They face a lot of troubles because, in India, cannabis is illegal. In spite of cracking the deal with suppliers and being successful entrepreneurs in the eyes of their classmates (and one professor too), their Joint Venture comes under fire. The narcotics department arrests them and files a serious criminal case. Can Arijit and Ankit handle the situation? How their app HiScore gets transformed into WhyScore? That is the story.


Cast, Writing and Direction

Ankush Bahuguna as Arijit Ganguly aka Ari is quite convincing and natural. Ari is an ambitious, committed, smooth talker, a bright student and pothead no.1. Ankush’s partner is Gandharv Dewan who plays the role of Ankit Sethi. Ankit is intelligent but laid back, pothead no. 2 and after watching Gandharv, you cannot imagine anybody else playing Ankit. Shivani Bedi in a small role of Kavya, the lawyer is apt. The series is written by Abhijit Ganguly, a well-known face in the stand-up comedian genre and a former corporate white-collar. His knowledge of B-school is evident in his dialogues and script. A unique, millennial approach with hilarious indulgence is its USP. The direction by Viswajoy Mukherjee is good except the scenes of court proceedings.


‘Joint Venture’ has a good writing, outstanding acting and a light-hearted content (do not take joint seriously). Some people may find it controversial due to its association with cannabis. But if you see the climax, you will see that the addiction or weed is not promoted at all. The story shows the Internet, the biggest boon of the century as a strange platform where anything hilariously bad, can even go viral. On the other hand, it represents two kinds of relationships, a serious and committed one and another a casual one that later inclines towards commitment. Although apparently too different some aspects are applicable for both relationships (“Attack is the best defence in relationships”). The courtroom drama could have been more compact without some loose threads(no mention of promotional video or poor demonstration of Tenzin, the drug peddler). But overall the web-series is watchable for its message in the form of comedy that any form of addiction can land you in serious trouble. Not all Ari and Ankit can find a lawyer like Kavya to stand by them during trouble.

Joint Venture is definitely one of its kind in the sphere of web-series drama.

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Watch the Episode 1 of Joint Venture here and catch all 6 episodes on YouTube for free.

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