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A middle-class family, an average student, and a bossy elder brother.
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Ye Meri Family is a short and simple seven-episode series that revolves around the Gupta family, a middle-class household. The family consists of five members; the couple, Dabbu (eldest son), Harshu (middle child) and Chitti (youngest child).

The show is set in the 90s in Jaipur. The first episode starts in which Harshu is narrating what problems he used to face being a middle child in a middle-class family. If you are a 90’s kid you will definitely relate with Harshu. He is an average student but his elder brother is excellent in studies so every time his parents give him a lecture, they say that he should be like his elder brother. His best friend is Shanky who is nerdy and gives him advice. The story depicts how a teenager Harshu realizes the importance of family, especially the importance of an elder brother.

“Family Universe hai”

Vishesh Bansal plays the role of 12-year-old Harshu.
The friendship of Harshu and Shanky is the soul of the series. We all have that Shanky in our life who is our best advisor and our support.

Mona Singh plays the role of an overprotecting mother who doesn’t let his son go out on his birthday. But in between her scoldings, there is also her hidden love and care.
Her role is very strong and natural. No melodrama.

Akarsh Khurana who is playing the role of Harshu’s father is amazing. He is a liberal-minded father, cracks bad jokes and the saviour of Harshu. “Papa ‘father’ Nahi, ‘Farther’ Hain.”

The series is written by Saurabh Khanna and is directed by Sameer Saxena for The Viral Fever.
A well-written plot in every single episode, every single dialogue is written beautifully. All dialogues do magic on you and take you to your own childhood days. Simple cinematography which is at the same time impactful. The acting of all the actors is commendable but Harshu and Shanky nailed it. Especially when they were discussing their crush.

Things like Yahoo Chatrooms, ICQ pop-up messages, Phantom cigarettes, WWF trump cards, Supandi tale, Shaktiman, walkman, the story of Heera Moti and so on are used very intelligently to give the 90’s feel. You can’t stop making yourself laugh.

Harshu’s depiction of installing cooler was comical.
“Purna shringaar aur tullu pump se snaan ke baad, cooler devata ki sthapna hoti hai,
Phir teen mahine tak bhakt inke prashaad ke liye jholi phelaaye khade rehte hai.”

 “Harshu and his Elder brother Dabbu”

Nowadays most of the web series is youth-oriented. The innocence of the 90s is lost somewhere and it’s a nostalgic web series that takes you back to your childhood.

There’s also a deep and harsh message in this series when Harshu’s father sends his elder son for a 2-year IIT coaching in quota which shows the engineering-medical rat race. Commercialization of education in the form of tuition is also shown in the series. Those were the last pressure free summer vacations for Harshu.

The songs are soothing and fit with the scenes especially “Aisi Hai Hawa” by Udit Narayan.
Ye Meri Family leaves a subtle mark on you. The end episode is heart-touching and makes us realize the importance of family and siblings. A nostalgic ride.
A must watch.

Watch it here: Ye Meri Family

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  • I’m so glad that I didn’t pressurize my mum into giving birth to a baby brother/sister. Sounds like I saved myself a lot of hardships lol XD I’m sure my mum would enjoy this series as she’s a middle child herself.

  • Being a 90’s kid, I can relate to a lot more facts of this series. Your review sums up the plot effortlessly. Such an easy-breezy review, just like the series.

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