Death Note

Death Note
Death Note

Description –

What would you do if you had the power to kill any person at will? Perhaps you would use that power to kill every evil person. That’s exactly what Light Yagami, a Japanese school-going boy, intended to do with that power – a notebook.

As criminals mysteriously keep dying, the police authorities seek the help of a young detective, named L, who has a great track record.

Death Note is about how two equally smart people play the game of Cat and Mouse, until …

A game of Cat and Mouse
A game of Cat and Mouse

Why you should watch Death Note

  • The central character is not all white or all black. There will be sequences where you will love him and there will also be sequences where you will hate him.
  • There is a key character called Shinigami (or the God of Death). Interestingly, he is not the villain.
  • It is based on a based-selling Manga which goes by the same name.
  • Every episode, in fact, every scene is totally unpredictable. One moment you would assume that the antagonist will win, the very next moment you might think that the protagonist will win. You just wouldn’t know what would happen next.
  • The entire series is a perfect mix of Thrill + Logic + Crime + Mystery
  • The music is completely mind-blowing. Not just one or two, each and every track is mind-blowing.
  • There are no fillers. The series is fast-paced and there is something in every scene to garner the viewers’ attention.
  • The editing is phenomenal. With each episode being a 20-odd minute long, there is no boring content whatsoever.
  • The road to help, they say, is paved with nice intentions. The lead character (also the protagonist) wants to do something good, but takes the road he should have avoided.
  • The character arc of Light Yagami is phenomenal. If you watch just the first and the last episode of the series, you won’t believe that it is the same person.
  • For any show to be successful, consistency is critical. Death Note is one of the most consistent shows in terms of thrill and suspense.
  • Every villain is a hero in his own story and this anime series is a quaint reminder of that adage.
  • It will make you doubt your own conscience.
Light and L - Ying and Yang
Light and L – Ying and Yang

What makes Death Note unique?

Unlike other anime series, Death Note is not about fast-paced action sequences or fight scenes. The entire series relies on engaging characters and their intelligence. It is about a good person who gets a special power which eventually overshadows his conscience and leads to his own downfall.

Netflix would not have made a movie on it had the series not been unique and brilliant.

Fun Facts about Death Note

  • The two central characters are poles apart. In fact, their differences were clearly signalled in the second episode of the series in which Light was seen using a PC whereas L was seen using a Mac Book.
  • While the series is about two extremely smart characters – Light and L playing the cat and mouse game, there was someone who was even smarter – Naomi. She was killed off solely because they wanted the series to run longer.
  • Near and Mello were supposed to be L’s children. Who are they? Watch the series.
  • The character – L – is actually a representation of the original creator of the series.
  • Light is gay. His last name – Yagami – spelt backwards is ‘I’m a [sic] gay’.

Writer’s Note –

Personally, it’s my most favourite anime series. While you would know who the villain is, your heart would be in your mouth as you pray that he comes out of safely. He does … or does he? Watch the 37-episode series on YouTube (avoid the movie) to find that out.

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