Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa – Progressive & Entertaining

Sex-talk being a taboo in Indian society, most of us learned what we could through hushed conversations with our peers, exchanging bits and pieces of our very questionable knowledge about the subject. The prospect of asking our elders about the questions popping in our young minds was far from conceivable, for the apprehension of getting scolded or punished for asking such “vulgar” questions. We did not have anyone to guide us about topics pertaining to sex, so we gathered what information we could through unreliable sources such as our friends and the internet, which is the most untrustworthy source if you have any idea about how it works.

Most parents balk at the thought of discussing sex-related topics with their kid, which eventually leads to harmful sexual behaviour owing to a lack of information. To prevent such disastrous events, it is crucial that educated and well-informed parents have a chat with their inquisitive young ones. But how does one go about it?

Tackling Stigma, Shattering Taboos

‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ is one such show with tackles with the stigma surrounding sex talk and exhorts parents to be more involved in their kids’ education when it comes to topics of sex because we are all well aware of its inadequacy at school. The show deals with five different sex-related topics – masturbation, condoms, pregnancy, menstruation, and homosexuality – using inventive metaphors to explain them with an abundance of wit and humour that strays far from crossing the line into vulgarity.

A series that aims to deliver information across different sex/sexuality related themes. In an honest style with a lot of humour. Featuring a curious 7-year-old boy, Pappu – who shoots the most outrageous questions to his Papa, Anand.

Directed by Ashish Patil of YFlims’ – the youth subdivision of Yash Raj Films – ‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ targets the adult audience with the intention of removing the stigma surrounding sex talk and turning it into a mere educational subject that can be broached with their young ones with ease.

The Cast

Kabir Shaikh (Pappu)

Kabir Shaikh plays the role of Punit Watsa a.k.a. who begins each episode with a seemingly harmless question; “Papa, ye masturbation kya hota hai?” (Papa, what is masturbation?).  The inquisitive mind of Pappu never fails to put his Papa in a tizzy as he continues asking questions upon questions and digging deep into each topic.

Anand Tiwari (Pappa)

The disconcerted character of Anand Watsa a.k.a. Papa is played by Anand Tiwari who finds himself in a conundrum every time Pappu diverts his questioning eyes at him. Using cricket as a metaphor, Anand explains masturbation to Pappu, whilst the illusory figure of his father, Vishwanath Watsa, perpetually looms over his head asking him to keep his mouth shut. Oscillating between his father’s advice to be a “baap” and his own resolution to be a “papa”, Anand is a source of immense mirth as he grapples with informing his son the best way possible.

Why Should You Watch It?

Like the other web series by Films, ‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ is progressive and upends the status quo by battling stigma and stereotype. The web series is not only comically hilarious but also aims to educate the audience about various sex-related topics. At the end of each episode, there is a brief myth-buster segment which addresses a multitude of myths surrounding the respective topic of discussion.

It is a must watch if you’re looking for something entertaining and amusing while also being informative and different. The series has received much praise for its dexterous handling of a subject that is considered taboo as the show makes well-timed jokes on the subjects without making it vulgar. The awkwardness and humour are as real as it gets.

‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ is available in a few other Indian regional languages too. You can watch it here: Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

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  • a much-needed series for our Indian society. have heard about this a lot and after reading your review, now it’s on my to-watch list.

  • This is one of the best YouTube Indian mini-series. Kabir as the 7-year old Pappu nailed it. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa shows sex education in the simplest possible manner. Parents, especially Indian parents should educate their children on sex-related topics and should leave this conservative behavior.

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