Perfectly Imperfect

We all want a perfect life for ourselves but in the process of making our life perfect, we forget to love ourselves.

Imperfect is the third original series of The Zoom Studios.
Imperfect is a story of a 24-year-old girl Ishani Sanghvi. She is just like any other girl who grew up listening to fairy tales of Cinderella and Rapunzel.
She too wanted a perfect fairy tale life. A perfect love, perfect career, perfect home, and a perfect life. From the age of ten, she was saving money to go to Paris with the love of her life and be happily married ever after.
But all her dreams are shattered when she loses her job and her boyfriend dumps her.

Reality hits her bad and in this scenario, she wakes up from her dream and realizes that life is not a fairy tale.
She realizes that nothing is perfect, life is full of imperfections. In her journey, she meets a 55-year-old life coach Simmy, who teaches her important lessons of self-love and self-worth.

Here I am giving you five reasons to watch this web series.

–  Ishani Sanghvi’s character is very relatable. Most of us would like Ishani. I relate my messy life with her, I am sure that after watching it, you will also relate with her.

– The show is full of dramatic scenes but still, it doesn’t lose its originality and authenticity.

– The dialogues are amazing especially the one-liners  “Aaj se bas sab sahe hoga” , “Essko dhekh k mujh ko art attack aa gaya”, and “Mene thodi comedy bhi add ki hai”.

– There’s a lot to learn from this web series. If you are in trouble it’s absolutely fine to get help from a professional.

– The cinematography is really good, the music goes with the scenes and there’s no mismatch. The comic scenes are really good and makes you laugh out loud.

Caste and Crew

Samridhi Dewan plays the role of Ishani Sanghvi and deserves big applause.
Her character is very relatable to most of the girls nowadays.
Her comic timing is really good. She is a little bit messy but at the same time, she shows how strong she is.

Susmita Mukherjee plays the role of the life coach. Her work and dialogue timings are really good. She is lively and bold.

Chaitanya Sharma plays the role of the college hottie Aditt Deo.

Supporting caste : Manka Kaur, Varun Tewari, Abhinav Sharma, Sonali Sachdev, Sayandeep Sengupta, and Puja Sarup.

The web series has been directed by Ruchi Joshi and Vidhi Gulati and written by Riddhi Rachella and Tahira.

This is an original, funny, emotional, and heart-warming web series.
A must watch.

Because imperfection is perfection

Watch #Imperfect

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  • Perfection is overrated! The more that we run after it, the further it flees from us. Ishani sounds a lot like me; dreamy-eyed doe hit by the freight-train that is reality.

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