The Reunion – Jab They Met

When we are born, we have no choice when it comes to our mom, dad, siblings, that annoying aunt, lovable uncle and so on. But friendship is the only relationship that life let us choose. In friendship no one is elder or younger, we are the same.
The Reunion – Jab they met is a beautiful back-to-school web series by the Zoom Studios.
It’s about the reunion of batch 2008 of Bourbon High school.

Reunion is not just a get-together after a long time, it is a reunion of sweet memories from school days.

The first episode starts with an introduction that unfolds each and every character.
Arya is a fashion designer at Myntra. Gaurav (G), is a comedian. They are still in touch from school days.
On the other hand, Dev and Deva who live in Los Angeles, are married. Once they used to be a perfect couple. But now their marriage life is in trouble.
They are all batch of 2008 of Bourbon High school. They got an invitation for the reunion. Arya doesn’t seem so interested in the reunion but she decides to join.
G is very excited.
Dev is also interested in the Reunion.
Deva also decides to attend it but with worries that people will get to know about her failed marriage.

Finally, the D-day comes

Arya wants to patch up with Deva. They used to be best friends 10 years ago so what happened between them? You will get to know in this series. Dev seems little bit optimist. He wants to meet Veer, who is an investment banker, in hopes that he will help him to start his own business. He says that he will make the most out of this reunion.
So, all of them met near Bourbon High School, in a place organized by Dastoor (one of the batch mate of 2008).
Arya wants to patch up with her best friend but Deva doesn’t want her in his life again. Arya and G realize the tension between Dev and Deva.
What happens before and after the reunion?
What turn will Dev and Deva’s marriage take?

All the characters of this series are real and you will relate to them with your own life.
You will get all the masala in this series; friendship, love, career, emotions and of course laughter. Some of the scenes are very heart touching.
How the lost friends meet once again?
This series will take you back to your school days where you fight all day with your bestie but at the end of the day, all is sorted between you. There’s a nostalgia feel in this series. A must watch web series.

“Kabhi Kabhi Aage Jaane k Liye, Pechey Mudh Kar Dhekna Bhi Jaruri Hota Hai” (Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward)

Leading Caste 
Anuj Sachdeva as Dev husband of Deva
Shreya Dhanwanthary as Deva
Sapna Pabbi as Arya Singh
Veer Rajwanth Singh as Gaurav Malhotra.

Nikhil Gandhi
Azure Entertainment

Lakshay Raj Anand
Directed by Karishma Kholi

Styled by Myntra.

Watch the series here: The Reunion

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  • Wow. Reunions really scare me. I try to avoid any and all social interactions wherever possible hehehe. But broken friendships and failing relationships? Count me in!

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