Pangs of Pleasure – Sex for the Gen Z



Whiz back (or brace up forward if you are still dodging the periphery of high school) to the fleet-footed days when you knew, with less shadow of doubt than if you were to be hit mid-road by an orbiting comet, that her name in Times New Roman, 12, bold would unquestionably honour your torso, well before you had gone on a second date together. Now imagine being eons away from the illustrious “first time” your dorm rooms are abuzz with and speaking in chancy metaphors to sex.

GIRLSPLAINING is birthed when a sexually repressed, ill-advised college freshman, Nikhil turns to the devious Ruchi and her sophomore counterpart Mitali before his date with Sneha for expert enlightenment on the mystifying highways and by-lanes of elation and copulation.


Episode 01: Losing His Virginity


As the disclaimer rolls away, Ruchi’s lustful roommate Payal is the first topic of gossip in the college canteen; after-all if a girl in India dines out with six different people in three months, some strings about her dignity are bound to be loose. Nikhil makes his debut appearance, fretting about the dangling shell of ecstasy in his life that is ready to drop at any moment on his first date with Sneha. She has prepped her homework, knows exactly what the leopard print lingerie can do; he, on the other end, is a clueless fly in a bee hive. What follows is a tell-all tete-a-tete illuminating Nikhil on the importance of pushing limits that he enjoys, a desperate attempt of his friends to ensure marketing this “test-drive”.


Episode 02: Fake Pleasure


The series progresses with periodic halts at the canteen and by now, Nikhil is no novice on the game front of relationships. However, his sailing unicorn of self-praise is hijacked by the stereotypical notion of women ‘faking’ climaxes. As he comes to terms with this humanly-common phenomenon, the overpowering sexual innuendos in the screen possess adrenaline enough to push the pedal to incite passion and extend pleasure. His mentors are dedicated; and the student himself is ready to fight plumeting attendance and crimson mark sheets if that is what it takes to leave Sneha with weak knees.


Episode 03: Bedroom Games


Lover boy turns chef in this episode to be handed a menu to cook-up innovation in bed and attention to detail as imperative ingredients to maintain curiosity and thirst. Misogyny is hinted at but potential gender stereotypes are brushed under the carpet because, of course, the ‘dish’ has to be savoured for the gen-next that finds subversion in making-out before the library’s moral science shelves. Presumptions and their consequent elaborate preparations are, however marred when indigestion and not disinterest emerges as the cause of Sneha’s withdrawal.


Episode 04 (Season Finale): Pyaar Ka Postmortem


The climax goes close to and nearly defeats the point this series tries to make. Nikhil is as unsuspecting as he was but chauvinism is vociferated by Sneha and mutely submitted to by the other two women; he becomes a dilly for riding pillion in his girlfriend’s pink scooter; instead of ridiculing the “female-bashing Bollywood” she turns to an anti-male propaganda and it is here, where for once, excess eye for form sacrifices content at its alter with confrontation brewing the helm of chaos.



Director: Sangram Naiksatam

Writers: Preksha Khanna, Kumar Shivam, Prashant Kumar

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