Mom & Co: Refreshing Storyline, Good Direction and Compact Acting

“Tell me what should I do if my son doesn’t want to share his concern with me?”

This is a monologue of Suhasini Joshi, a  Maharashtrian single mother who stays alone at home while his corporate employee son remains busy in his HR work and vents out his frustration on his mother. It is a common feeling of our parents nowadays, with whom we hardly share our personal problems and take them as granted. Although parents, being parents have only love and support for us. Zoom Studio’s latest Web adventure Mom & Co. tells us to be soft and nice to our parents and look at their likes and passions, the way they want to project.

Storyline: The USP

This is a story of Suhasini and her son Aditya, who often fails to appreciate the support and love he gets from his mother during the rat-race of corporate work culture. His relationship with his mother gets transformed only when he loses his job and realizes that all his popularity in his past office was due to his Aai’s dabba. The reality check makes him understand that for fulfilling a long-cherished dream, age is not a bar.

Relatable Characters: Aai and Aditya

It’s a beautiful and relatable story of 10 episodes, and 6 are already out. We can see each episode with a title that has something to do with food and spice like ‘ Tadka maar ke’, ‘Namak kam hain’, ‘Masala koot ke’, ‘Dheeme Aanch pe’ etc. and it reveals the story accordingly. For example, in the second episode, Namak Kam Hain, Aditya is searching for a new job and is frustrated. On the other hand, from his ex-colleagues, his mother gets to know that he never ate his homemade lunch at office and this has made her sad for a while. In the fourth episode, titled ‘Dahi Jam Gayi’, Suhasini is encouraged by a ‘transformed’ Aditya to start her food delivery business and things are taking shape eventually. The mother-son duo is a treat to watch as it reminds of our own parents, especially how we neglect them in the name of “we don’t have time to spend time with them, who brought us up”.

Superb Cast And Compact Direction

Coming to the technical aspects, a good script and simple yet touching story is the USP of the series. The social message is up to the mark without making scenes, cladded with heavy and melodramatic dialogues. The cast is just appropriate with Neelima Azeem as Suhasini Joshi who is making a come back with this show. Her natural, motherly expression can stir your soul and you may find yourself ringing your mother’s number or missing the homemade food (especially if you stay away from your family). Ayush Mehra is spot on as Aditya Joshi, the son. Some cliché things like Tamil women with flowers in buns could have been avoided but never mind.

Yay or Nay?

The story is about the universal mother-son relationship with the complexities of today’s fast-paced world. People from all culture can relate to it. Besides, there are very few web series in India that we can see with our family and this is one of those. So, you can actually binge-watch the series on YouTube and wait for episode 7 to come up next week.

Spoiler Ahead!

In the upcoming episode, Aditya will find out who Sudhir is. Is he a friend of his Aai, Suhasini or something else? What’ll be Aditya’s reaction to Suhasini’s secret?


Produced by The Green light productions and directed by Ashish Ranglani, ‘Mom & Co.’ premieres on February 09, 2019 at 7 pm on The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel and styled by Myntra.

Watch the series on Rhapsode: Mom & Co

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    • Hi, thanks Baishakhi. I’m in love with this series, it comes on Thursdays on Zoom studio YouTube channel. plz go through this series when you have time.

      • It’s very interesting to see Neelima Azmee after a long break. The 8th episode “Raita Phail Gaya” was shocking and at the same time full of emotions.
        No unnecessary melodrama in the show I love Mom and Co.

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