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‘Ladies Room’ is a six-part mini web-series by YFilms – the youth subdivision of Yash Raj Films – that takes a refreshingly novel take on female friendships by shattering age-old stereotypes. It follows the hilarious adventures of two best friends, Dingo and Khanna, who make bawdy remarks about sex while smoking copious amounts of weed and tripping on MDMA; all the while being confined in six different loos. Dingo and Khanna are the female equivalents of Jai and Veeru, except raunchier and more foul-mouthed than you could ever imagine the famous bro pair being.

Behind the Scenes

‘Ladies Room’, directed by Ashima Chibber, is the brainchild of writers Ratnabali Bhattacherjee and Neha Kaul Mehra who moulded the wicked pair of Dingo and Khanna somewhat after themselves, which is also one of the reasons why the dynamic duo feels so real and relatable. It’s a contrivance of two brilliant minds that were adamant about showing women as they are, unapologetically wild and raucous, instead of the common figure of a meek and helpless object seen through the lens of patriarchy. The concept of ‘Ladies Room’ took flight when someone jokingly quipped about making a single-location series on women’s loo and the president of YFilms, Ashish Patil, clamped onto the idea.

As a man, I always wondered why women go to the loo in groups, and I knew, it’s because that’s where shit happens – literally and figuratively!

– Ashish Patil

It is thanks to the backing by Ashish Patil that this risqué and outrageous series could come into being despite the apprehension of massive backlash from people who can’t even begin to comprehend the idea of women cursing like sailors and getting down and dirty in public loos; so alien does the idea seemed to them.

Khanna (Left) and Dingo (Right)

Rising Above Prejudices

The character of the libertine duo reflects the feminist views of the writers but was in no way intended to be the torchbearers of the feminist movement. Rather, their character was conceptualized as being the delineation of real women who aren’t restrained by the moral high ground the society has in mind for them, lest they are termed as loose women. Dingo and Khanna’s character makes leaps and bounds in representing women without putting any labels on them. Dingo and Khanna are crass, devious, and exceptionally supportive of each other. They are messy, weird, free-spirited, and independent. They have their own share of troubles from having a clogged toilet on their hands to getting an abortion. They talk about sex freely and smoke. Not condoning harmful behaviour, ‘Ladies Room’ tackles with the prejudices and stereotypes against women by portraying a couple of rovers, unaffected by predilections of the other sex.


Shreya Dhanwanthary (Khanna)

The Cast

The role of the distinguished ladies, Dingo and Khanna, is played by Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwanthary respectively. Wearing minimal makeup and doing reckless things, the actresses make the roles their own by putting life into them.


Saba Azad (Dingo)

Saba Azad is also known for her popular roles in ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’ and ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’, which you should definitely give a shot to if you like her performance in ‘Ladies Room’.


Why Should You Watch It?

‘Ladies Room’ not only makes ground-breaking advancements in the representation of women in Indian television but is also incredibly hilarious, owing to the diabolical and peppery characters of Dingo and Khanna. The witty one-liners and the snappy repartee are sure to leave you bursting at the seams with laughter. The show also raises some serious issues such as molestation, abortion, cyber harassment, and the struggles of being a single, independent girl in a toxic society. This is one binge-watch worthy series that you shouldn’t miss.

You can watch it on Rhapsode: Ladies Room

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