Girl’s Hostel, as the name suggests is just about that. The show is about a girls hostel of SVM Dental College.  The show revolves mainly through the eyes of an incoming fresher, Richa. She is new to the hostel and for the first time has got ‘freedom’ from her orthodox, controlling parents by getting a chance to be in the hostel and do what she please without having to worry what might her parents think. The show begins with Richa entering the hostel and moving in with her roommate, Mili. The other two main leads of the show are Jo and Zahira. They were once a Dynamic Duo of besties who were envied by others but now are sworn enemies and can’t stand the sight of each other. These two are super seniors of the college, therefore, they possess certain authority over their juniors. On Richa’s first day in the hostel, a commotion between Jo and Zahira weirdly gets her and Mili closer to them and they end up being friends with both of them.

The show explores certain adventures that take place in the girls’ hostel and simultaneously addresses some social issues such as the constraints put on girls even when they are adults. The storyline centers majorly on Richa but a subtle subplot revolves around Jo and Zahira. With a beautiful cast and hilarious dialogues and thought-provoking moments, the show is pretty well made. The web-series is also well complemented by the array of songs that are played at various moments in each episode. As a special surprise, the Girls Hostel production team will soon be releasing the soundtrack of the show on their Youtube channel.


Cast and Characters

Ahsaas Channa is a 19-year-old Indian actress. In the show, she plays the role of Richa. A girl who misses a chance of studying MBBS by a few marks and then has to go to the dental college.  The whole show mainly plays out through her perspective and storytelling. In a sense, she is the protagonist of the show. Rich is a girl coming from a middle-class family who has orthodox values. They plan to make her a doctor and then marry her to a good family. Even though having conflicting thoughts about sending their daughter to a hostel, they agree to it.

Simran Natekar, playing the role of Mili in the show, is a 21-year-old actress. She already has been fairly established in the film and television industry for a few years now. Mili is an eccentric roommate of Richa. She is portrayed as a happy go lucky optimistic girl yet very innocent in many ways. It is very difficult to see her without a smile on her face in the show. It gets evident pretty soon that she sort of plays the role of comic relief and she gets that job done pretty well.

Parul Gulati, 24, can be seen in the show as Zahira Ali. A girl who is a super senior in the SVM Dental College. She has got it all. She is beautiful looking and has a small troop of girls following her around at all times. She is one half of the Dynamic Duo that once was. She is a bold girl and also has just enough sass in her. She is extremely competitive and an outspoken girl

Srishti Shrivastava, who earlier this year was seen as Albina in the blockbuster movie ‘Gully Gang’, can also be seen in this show playing the role of Jo. Jo is a typical hardcore girl who rides a Royal Enfield, wears leather jackets and beats up others. She is the ‘don’ of the SVM Dental college. All the girls in the hostel and some boys too fear her. Jo is a stubborn character who wants to get things done in her own way and is stubborn about it. She might come off as a stone-hearted person but very soon you will start being fond of her. Jo is the second half of the Dynamic Duo.


Final Thoughts

The show was first uploaded on 8th December 2018, on Youtube. The first season consisted of 5 episodes having a run time of approximately 20 minutes. The season finale was uploaded on 1st March 2019. The show is a production of the Youtube channel Girliyapa who has earlier put out other series such as Ladies Room, Girsplaining, Sis Code, and other. Girls Hostel is available and free to watch for all on Youtube. It can also be accessed on the TVFPlay app available for both android and ios. The season has just ended, but at the end of the finale, the production team teases the opening scene of the season, keeping its audience wanting for more. Although, the release date of season 2 hasn’t been announced yet. Girls Hostel is a fun and a short web series and everyone is hoping for similar and better content from the upcoming season to come.

Watch all the episodes on Rhapsode: Girls Hostel


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