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We all have struggles and problems that we have to face in our life, but the ones who conquer them is the real Rockstar. There is an inspiration for all of us and she is Bethany Mota. In her school days, she was bullied by her schoolmates regarding her looks and already she was of shy nature and because of that Bethany loses her self-confidence and shells herself. But hiding from your problems is not a solution. At the age of thirteen, with her family camera, she shot her first YouTube video. Her videos are on beauty, makeup, recipes, lifestyle, comedy, and DIY. Within a short period of time, she became an internet sensation.

Bethany Mota

More about Bethany Mota

She is from a small-town; Los Banos in California. She is Mexican. When she started her YouTube channel, she was just thirteen. Her channel’s name was Macbarbie07, which she later changed to her own name, Bethany Mota.

Her channel has more than 10 million subscribers.

Did you know?

Bethany Mote is one of the top YouTubers taking over the world – Vogue

One of the most powerful internet personalities – TIME Magazine

Most researched Fashion Designer on Google in 2014

How her video gained so much popularity?

In the beginning, she uploaded many videos which made her consistent and helped her to gain subscribers. Her videos were doing well in initials days but she received huge views when she uploaded a makeup tutorial based on pop star Selena Gomez. According to her, YouTube videos are more personal and more real than a commercial on TV.

Haul Videos

Her haul videos are very popular among teenagers. She shoots her haul videos in her actual bedroom. Her haul videos made her famous. In her tutorials, the items she uses are easily available in the local market. Her style perfectly suits the young girls and that is why her videos are watched by millions of teens.

In her YouTube channel, there are amazing look book ideas. If you like trying out new looks and love fashion, check out her look book. My personal favourite is $30 dresses for prom.

                                                 Fashion Haul

DIY Room Decor Ideas

Her home decor ideas are amazing you can easily try them at your home. My personal favourite is ‘Easy ways to decorate your room for Fall! + How to make it cosy’. Her home tour is must watch.

                    Room Decor is fun….

Bethany Mota fan following

She has a huge fan following and her fans are called “Motavatours”.

Bethany Mota net worth

This young lady is making a good earning. According to business insider, her earning is $40,000 per month. Her net worth is above 2.5 million dollars.

Bethany Mota Music Career

She is also an amazing singer. Her first single was released in October 2014 titled ‘need you right now’ with producer-vocalist Mike Tompkins.

Her song was at 30th number on the Danish top 40 record chart track list.

In 2015 she released her self-written song, ‘be who you wanna be’.

She Is A Brand

                        Look Books

Bethany has her own clothing, perfume, and accessories line.

Bethany’s life

Mota has another YouTube channel name ‘Bethany’s life’ in which she shares her daily stuff and other crazy things. The channel has 2.1 million subscribers.

Social work

Bethany has not restricted herself to YouTube and fashion haul, she also gives speeches and spreads awareness about bullying online as well as offline.

She helps students who are being bullied. She is also UNICEF’S kid power campaign brand ambassador. She became more famous when in January 2015 she interviewed Barack Obama.


       Bethany Mota interviewing Barack Obama

Her connection with fans

She travels around the world and connects with her fans. She is successful in building a strong community on social media. She answers her fans by comments, mail and even sometimes calling them personally.

She is continuously involved in integrating with her fans. She is a genuine personality and her style hacks and DIY ideas are amazing. She has also written her own book, “Make Your Mind UP: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motivation!

The journey from a thirteen-year teen to a brand was wonderful.

Bethany Mota is a true example of the memoir Make Your Mind Up.

Watch her videos on her channel

I don’t want to lie to my subscribers, so I’m really honest about my reviews and stuff – Bethany Mota

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  • I grew up watching Bethany Mota! She really did inspire me a lot during my teenage years. Funny how someone living miles away can have such an impact on us.

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