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Jordan Taylor Wright
Jordan Taylor Wright. You might have not heard his name, but there are high chances that you have come across some of his work on the internet. Jordan is a 30-year-old photographer who has dedicated himself to his art. He religiously follows it and puts out his heart in his creations. Jordan may not come in the limelight but he doesn’t shy away from flaunting his skills. He puts up his work for his viewers on his Youtube Channel under the name ‘TaylorCutFilms’ He is one of the most renowned photographers and cinematographer in the media. He has worked with many famous stars such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Chainsmokers, and King Bach. He currently is also working with L’Oréal, Bose, and Marvel. If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you might have watched the pleasing music video of Closer by Chainsmoker featuring Halsey. That video was made by Jordan. Likewise, his work is appreciated by many.



Creating videos and photographs is just what Jordan loves. We all do love capturing mind-boggling things in a video or a photo. But no one does it like Jordan. He has a keen sense of perspective when it comes to creativity. His works stand apart from the rest. He focuses on creating aesthetic and surrealistic content. He goes to various lengths so that he can achieve the idea that has been set in his mind. You will see him leaning from a helicopter just so he can get that right shot that he is looking for. He stays true to his art form and continuously delivers amazing content to the world. His videos are a type of short films that vividly explore nature and a certain location. Each video takes you on a journey of beautiful, luscious views from different angles.


On his YouTube Channel Jordan uploads around once or twice in one month. We know that this isn’t the rate at which many of the content creators put out their work, but Jordan takes his time. He lets his art devour him as he creates it. And almost all of his videos are shot in a new location based in cities throughout the world. But the wait by his viewers sure is fruitful. No matter how long he takes to come up with a new video, each new upload is a jaw-dropping and extremely pleasing sight for our eyes. To get this new and fresh content Jordan travel numerous places capturing the true essence of that area. Some of his recent work was from travel videos of Saudi Arabia, India, and Europe. A few months ago he also uploaded a video featuring the infamous pop star, Usher.



When Jordan got into a photography class, he started looking up on the internet to find help. Now that he has achieved his spot in this industry, Jordan wishes to share his work and tips to other such aspiring people. To provide them with the needed sources, Jordan has set up an online video course of 10 episodes where he explains his mindset for film making, shares tips and guides them through the process. All the episodes are uploaded on his website called ‘‘’’ The prologue episode of the 10 episode course is available on his YouTube channel free for all. So if people like what he is offering, then they can hop on his website and buy the course. The website also sells pre‐sets to match the professional video style. He also is selling his book ‘‘Forever In The Infinite Now’’. The book aims to answer the question of the purpose of existence by finding the truth within the harmony of 3 core elements: The Mind, The Body and The Spirit.

The link to the university is below:



Jordan has made his mark in the video industry. But he also opens his beautiful mind for his followers via photographs on Instagram. He constantly keeps on putting up new stuff on his Instagram account. Pictures are motionless, but his photos speak a lot more than your average Instagram photographs. They capture a surrealistic and an aesthetic vibe which is rare to be found. On Instagram, Jordan has over 2000 posts and 552 thousand followers eagerly waiting for his work to be shared. Some of his work can also be seen on his girlfriend’s Instagram page, Alyssa Lynch, who also is a popular model.

The link to his Instagram Page:


In an interview, Jordan admitted that he looks at the world through the perspective he did when he was a child. He believes that this perspective lets him see the world through innocence as there is no fear of judgment. This is the source of his out of the world thinking that gives us such mesmerizing work. He is a YouTuber with a lot more to offer than his high-quality videos. If you haven’t checked his work out yet, you should definitely give it a try.

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  • Woah damn. I’m an amateur photographer myself but I didn’t know about him. But as you said, I am familiar with his work. Great review!

    • You should read his book ‘‘Forever In The Infinite Now’’ the book is really worthwhile.
      A well-framed review Chaitanya.

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