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You can’t make a living out of something you love to do. But are you really living by not doing it? Some of the YouTubers prove the theory wrong that you can’t earn if you do what you love. There are so many YouTubers who left their full-time job to pursue their passion. No doubt they are doing very well. There is an extraordinary YouTuber. Sara, a Norwegian YouTuber, her channel is SaraBeautyCorner. She joined YouTube on 7th October 2012. Her channel became the top 100 subscribed channel in 2016.

How did it all begin?

She was working in financial services and insurance company as a full-time employee but that was not the work she was meant for. She was not happy with the work so, she took a brave decision. She left her job and started a YouTube channel. Along with her YouTube channel, she started doing a part-time job but kept YouTube as her full-time work. Her first video was an introduction video which was titled  “OMG Another Beauty Guru”. In a very short period of time, that video became viral and after that, she never turned back.
Her Channel is on Beauty, Lifestyle, Comedy, DIY and Nail Art.

Beauty and Makeup Tutorials

Sara’s videos are highly popular among the viewers, especially among teenagers. When she started her channel there was a cut-throat competition among YouTubers in this category, but if you work hard, it pays.
Her makeup tutorials are watched by millions of teenage girls, women, and even by makeup artists every hour. Her makeup tutorials are so appealing that you can’t take eyes off.

She always does something out of the box.
On her channel, you can see some old fashioned makeup that are just out of the world. Her beauty tips are the best.



My personal favourite video in this category is the “How to cook healthy food 10 breakfast ideas, lunch ideas and snacks for school and work”. You guys should watch her video and try oatmeal cookies and egg muffins. They are so healthy and tasty that you must try these recipes. Her videos on lifestyle gives a neck to neck competition to the professionals.

Sara Beauty Corner DIY Room Decor

Her DIY videos are one of the best DIY videos on YouTube. She uses things which are easily available at your home. You will not find any difficulty while trying her DIY videos.
Her DIY room decor ideas for teenagers are so cool, a must try for your room.


Sara Beauty Corner nail art, no tools!

She has unerring hands. Her nail art is beyond professionalism. Her videos of nail art, no tools, is popular among viewers.

Personal Life

She is one of those who keeps her family private. But once in an interview, she accepted that Tej, who assists her in making videos, is her partner. They both share their photos on Instagram.

Sara Beauty Corner net worth

She kept silence on her earning because she doesn’t want to get sponsored. She is honest towards her viewers.
But you will get an idea that every day millions of viewers search her videos and watch them.
She has 9.7 million subscribers.
Her net worth is 2.5 million dollars.

Beep Beep Sara Beauty Corner

She has another channel on the youtube channel the name is Beep Beep – DIY, Life Hacks, Pranks.
This channel has 463,516 subscribers.

Sara never tells her viewers to subscribe and like her channel because she knows your hard work will speak for you. She is a hard working woman. On one occasion she shared with her fans on Instagram that one video of a minute and a half took over 2 months of work to create. You can see her efforts in her videos.

I am listing some of her most popular videos and you can see why she is extraordinary.





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  • I have seen so many of Sara’s videos! Though I never had any intention of trying out her DIY’s, it was always entertaining to watch her because she’s always so full of life. Look like it’s time to revisit her channel.

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