From Matthew Kepnes to Nomadic Matt – A Backpacker’s Journey

About Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes is a digital nomad cum backpacker who runs the channel – Nomadic Matt – on YouTube. He is passionate about travelling and sharing his experience with those who want to travel the way he does – backpacking on a modest budget.

With a book (which went on to be a New York Bestseller) against his name, Matthew Kepnes has gradually become a household (error, nomadic) name amongst backpackers. To many, this channel is the go-to channel for travel vlogs.

What gave birth to Nomadic Matt?

Destiny … by chance. Matthew Kepnes never thought of becoming a travel guru. In fact, he had started his career as a history teacher. Little did he know that his trip to Costa Rica would introduce him to his ‘calling’. That trip changed him. Soon after returning, he decided to quit his job and travel the world for a year. He accumulated all his savings and started with Thailand – one of the cheapest countries in the world for travelling.

In Thailand, he met five backpackers who worked in the digital world. That inspired him to take up the digital life and fuel his travelling expenses. There’s been no looking back ever since. It has been 12 years and he is still on the road, living a nomadic life with travel being his career.

Nomadic Matt is a title he got from a fellow backpacker. He really liked it and decided to name his website – His website is one of the best travel websites out there. He later started vlogging and named his YouTube channel Nomadic Matt.

What’s there on the channel?

There is a wide range of videos on the channel. From travel hacks to do’s and don’ts, the channel offers so much to the viewers. I am one of those who started backpacking solo watching his videos. Watching his videos, I have learnt how to pack my rucksack, how to travel light, how to travel on a modest budget, and most importantly, how to travel.

With over 12 thousand subscribers to the channel, Nomadic Matt educates people about travelling as well as travel blogging. His videos are simple and he interacts with his audience in the form of replies to the comments. He understands what a bidding backpacker needs (or might need) to know. Hence, he makes sure that most of his videos take care of that. One reason why he is one of my favourite travel vloggers is that he respects other travellers. He has interviewed several veteran travellers and he happily passes on his own travel related experience to anyone who asks for it.

Being a frequent backpacker myself, I can say that that’s a rare quality in the travel world.

What sets this channel apart from other travel channels on YouTube?

While most of the travel channels on YouTube try to showcase the experience and inform the viewers about the places, Nomadic Matt has taken it to the next level. He even takes care of the inspirational aspect by motivating viewers to backpack. His years of experience in travel blogging also help him connect better with the viewers. Did I say that his videos are inspirational, too? Another thing that makes sets him apart is that he caters to every backpackers need (sans the pretentious one (he doesn’t like them)).

You may wonder what he is like any travel influencer. There are already a bunch of them and their contents do not really seem organic. But guess what, Nomadic Matt does not take any sponsored trips. He believes in realist experience – something that viewers love about his stories. If you want to travel more with less money, Nomadic Matt is THE channel for you.

Go ahead now, check out his channel and let us know what you think about it.

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