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Antonio Centeno

T o all the men out there: were either of you ever confused about which suit to wear for which function? Or wondering which shoe is the perfect match? Or maybe wanted to wear the perfect watch to increase your power in the corporate world? If yes, then Real Men Real Style will answer all these questions and give you a lot more information about men’s fashion.

Real Men, Real Style is a YouTube channel run by Antonio Centeno. He was an Officer of Marines Core USA, 3rd Battalion First Marines. It was over here where he realized how important it is for you to represent yourselves. He wants to share his learning and experiences in the world so you can put your best foot forward. In 2011 he began with Real Men Real Style (RMRS) and started uploading videos in 2012. Since then he has personally created many style courses, applications, podcasts, articles, and infographics. He has been able to reach out to millions of people each month. His aim is to help you to become the man you know yourself to be.

The Videos

Antonio has been consistently putting out new and fresh videos for his viewers so they can stay up to date with the latest trends. He uploads a new video every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. So you are packed with new content almost every day. His videos would cover everything you would need to know about men’s fashion. His channel will tell you about different kinds of suits, different types of tie knots and how to tie them, various shoes and which is appropriate for which occasion, and all such minute details that play a vital role in representing yourself.


Augmented Benefits

Did you ever wonder who will reign supreme in a style battle between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne (Iron Man and Batman), or a battle of most dangerously stylish between James Bond and John Wick?

Fear not, even if you had never thought of this, Real Men Real Style has you covered. They go through a careful analysis of various such characters that the masses admire and give a provoking result by the end of the video. Frequently does he put up such ‘versus’ videos so people can understand the differences and select the most appropriate style as per their needs. Sometimes he even gives away a set number of products in videos to his viewers in a random contest of draw out of the pool of comments under his videos.  YOU probably could be the lucky one to win such a product and treat yourself with one of the best premium merchandises. After all, all of us love to get something for free, don’t we?


Usually, Antonio collaborates with different companies and provides his viewers with discount codes so that they can shop at affordable rates from places personally picked and appreciated by Antonio. There are limited discounts for a short period of time which helps you on your path of becoming the man you know yourself to be. You never know when such a discount would come in handy.

Extra Content

You came here for fashion tips but stayed for a lot more. Real Men Real Style focuses on providing a fashion guide for men, but it also assists in other aspects. It delivers content giving relationship advice, personality development, and grooming. Not only does the channel make you dress better, but also emphasizes on overall development of a man in the society. He also has a dedicated website for Real Men Real Style and a cell phone application so you can access to his fashion tips anywhere and anytime.

Antonio is very well reputed in the world of men’s fashion. He is renowned for dressing sharp and helping men of all ages throughout the world. He has also been a speaker at a couple of Menfluential Conference (StyleCon). So he is pretty well aware with the information he gives to his audience.

If you ever run into a problem regarding men’s fashion (which one would eventually) make sure to check him out. There are high chances that she would have the answer to your problem and you would also learn a lot more than you would expect. Until then dress stylishly.

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