He is the explorer-Varun Vagish- Mountain Trekker

Whether it is the chilly winter morning, flaming summer noon or drowsy night; a man with a bag on his shoulders and a camera in his hand is always ready to explore a new world and a new adventure. He is Varun Vagish, a traveller and YouTuber. He is an Indian. He has set an example that you don’t need a volume of money in your pockets to travel the world.

How did his journey start?

He was born in Delhi. He lived in Narora before moving to Tarapur and Mumbai, Maharashtra. He later moved to Hyderabad in 1988 and moved to Rawatbhata in Kota (Rajasthan) in 1990. Now he lives in Asansol West Bengal since 2011. He is a graduate in mass communication. He quit his job so that he can focus on what he loves. He travelled all over India and now he is on his journey to explore the whole world.

Varun Vagish once said,
“There are so many travel-based YouTube channels in English, but rarely any in Hindi. Why is that so? What about the viewers who prefer Hindi over English? No sooner did I realize this, I knew I had to do something and this led to the beginning of Mountain Trekker”.

More about him

He Joined YouTube on 21 August 2007.
He has more than 15 years of experience in tourism.
The number of subscribers on his channel is 669,604 at the moment.
Views – 61,140,267.

What makes him one of a kind?

There are lots of TV channels on travel and tourism. No doubt they are good but most of them lack relevance. The thing is you don’t connect yourself with the places they show you. The channel mountain trekker makes a sweet connection with the audience. Varun makes you feel like you are travelling with him. His videos are very informative and realistic. Varun Vagish once drove the Tata Nano from Asansol, West Bengal, to the highest battlefield of Siachen glacier base camp.

The best part of his channel

“Budget is not a big issue”

His videos are explanatory. He gives ticks and trips for safe travelling also.

How to find cheap flight tickets?
Which website to use?
How to find the best places to stay while travelling?
How to plan your journey?
How to explore places?
How to travel in a low budget?
What documents you should carry while going to other countries?

All these questions come in your mind when you decide to travel. You will get all your answers by watching his videos.

The concept of hitchhiking?

“the people are very generous”

Most of his travelling is through hitchhiking and you can see in his videos how interesting and memorable it is. You meet people you never met before, you talk to them even though you don’t know their language but still, you make a connection with them, like a family. You can see the hospitality of people all around the world.

Got National Tourism award from the government of India.
“national awardee”

Check some of his playlist you will love it.




Watch his videos and see how beautiful the world is. Travel and collect some stories for you because, in the end, the memories count, not the work. Take a break and explore.

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before – Dalai lama

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  • I’ve always wanted to go on trips with my girlfriends but it sounds like such a daunting task that we always end up scratching off the plan. But I’m planning a trip soon so I’ll watch Varun’s videos for some tips. Thanks a lot!

    • His videos are very informative. He gives all the necessary details which you will not find in other travelling videos and not even on google.

  • Have seen some of his videos and follow him on insta. he’s an inspiration for people like us who want to travel and think of the budget first 🙂 it’s great to see your review on a person who’s a true influencer

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